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ZONE 66. Ultra action 32-bit arcade game of mayhem and destruction from EPIC MEGAGAMES and RENAISSANCE.

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**ZONE 66** Ultra action 32-bit arcade game
of mayhem and destruction from EPIC
360-degree scrolling. Pilot your fighter
jet around a massive playfield, leaving
devastated earth in your wake. Includes
huge CINEMATIC animated intro & digital
soundtrack for the SB. Requires 386 or
better, 2 Megs RAM. [Note: For GRAVIS
ULTRASOUND support, also get $ZONE66G.ZIP]

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ZONE 66. Ultra action 32-bit arcade game of mayhem and destruction from EPIC MEGAGAMES and RENAISSANCE.
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LICENSE.DOC 7227 3134 deflated
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ORDER.DOC 3227 1377 deflated
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Contents of the HELPME.DOC file

How to start ZONE 66

ZONE 66 requires:
* A 386, 486, or faster IBM-compatible computer
* Hard disk
* At least 2 Megabytes of RAM

To get the maximum possible performance out of your system, ZONE 66 uses an
ultra fast mode on your 386 or 486 PC (called "flat protected mode"). The
advantage is a super-fast game packed with graphics.

The disadvantage is, ZONE 66 will not work if you have any TSR's or memory
managers loaded. Most computers ARE set up to load these, so you need to
go through a few extra steps to start ZONE 66.

(We appologize for the inconvenience, but in creating ZONE 66 we faced a
tradeoff -- make a plain old everyday game that is easy to start, or make
an incredibly fast action game... We chose the later!)

Here's the easiest way to start ZONE 66:

1. Create a "boot disk"
2. Start your computer up from the boot disk
3. Go into your ZONE 66 directory and start ZONE 66

Now here is a complete walk-through of how to begin.


A. Put a blank disk in your A: drive.
B. From the DOS prompt, type the following command:


C. Press ENTER.
D. Wait while your computer formats the disk and turns it into a boot disk.
E. Label the disk "Zone 66 Boot Disk" and keep it handy. You'll need this
disk whenever you want to start ZONE 66.


A. Put the boot disk in your A: drive.
B. Restart your computer, either by pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE, by
hitting your reset button, or by turning it on.
C. Wait while your computer "boots" from the boot disk.
D. After a little while, your computer will stop and give you the A> prompt.


A. Change onto your hard drive by typing:


Note to "Stacker" owners: If your C: drive is compressed, then you
should have installed ZONE 66 on a different, non-compressed drive.
So type the letter of that drive instead of "C".

B. Switch into your ZONE 66 directory by typing:


Note: If you have installed the game in a different directory,
switch into that directory instead.

C. Start the game by typing:


If you run into any problems, skip ahead to the TROUBLESHOOTING section.


ZONE 66 will not work on a drive that is compressed with Stacker or another
disk-compression program. This is due to an unresolvable memory management
conflict between the programs.

If you're using Stacker or something similar, you can get ZONE 66 to work
on your computer by installing it on a non-compressed partition of your hard
disk, and by following the "boot disk" procedures listed above. Stacker
usually reserves the drive D: for your uncompressed partition.

Note: If your D: drive is set up so that it doesn't have enough free space
for ZONE 66 to fit, consult your Stacker documentation for
instructions on increasing the size of the D: drive. (No other
solution exists to the Stacker conflict)


Here are a list of possible problems you may run into, as well as some
suggested solutions.

Problem: When I type "ZONE66" to start, the computer locks up.


1. ZONE 66 may have a problem detecting whether your PC has a sound card
installed. Instead of typing just "ZONE66", please type one of the
following commands instead:

ZONE66 /n (If you do NOT have a sound card installed in your PC)
ZONE66 /s (If you have a true Sound Blaster card)
ZONE66 /u (If you have a Gravis Ultrasound card)
ZONE66 /a (If you have an Adlib card)

2. If this fails to solve the problem, make sure that you're following
the correct "boot disk" procedure described above. If you go through
all of the steps, create a boot disk, and start ZONE 66 from a boot
disk and it still doesn't work, then your computer unfortunately is
not compatible with ZONE 66.

Problem: When I begin playing, my plane flies around in circles!


1. If you DO NOT have a joystick, then you need to start ZONE 66 with the
following command to remedy this problem:

ZONE66 /k (For keyboard operation -- no joystick)

2. If you DO have a joystick, go into the "OPTIONS" menu from the main
menu and select "CALIBRATE JOYSTICK". This should solve the
problem. If it doesn't, then ZONE 66 is probably incompatible with
your joystick -- so use the following command to disable the joystick
(and then use the keyboard):

ZONE66 /k (For keyboard operation -- if your joystick steers wrong)

Problem: Zone 66 does not work properly with my Sound Blaster card, even
when I use the ZONE66 /S option.


1. ZONE 66 can only recognize your Sound Blaster card if it is set for
IRQ 3, 5, or 7. If your Sound Blaster is set to IRQ 2 or 10, ZONE 66
will not recognize it. To remedy this, see your Sound Blaster
manual for instructions on changing the IRQ. Or, if you prefer,
start ZONE 66 by typing "ZONE66 /a" and you'll get the Adlib musical
sound track, but no digital sound effects.

2. Note that ZONE 66 is only designed for use with true Sound Blaster
cards, and it may not function properly with sound cards from other

Note to Pro Audio Spectrum owners: Zone 66 can often be made to work with the
PAS if you create a CONFIG.SYS file that loads that PAS driver (MVSOUND.SYS).
If this doesn't work, try running Zone 66 with the following command:


Problem: Zone 66 detects my Gravis Ultrasound card, but I don't get any

Solution: Please check your disk to make sure the file M03GMUZ.Z66 exists.
If it doesn't, then you have a copy of ZONE 66 which does not
contain the Gravis soundtrack. To get the Gravis soundtrack,
look for the file $ZONE66G.ZIP on your local BBS, or you can get
the latest version of ZONE 66 Mission 1 along with the Gravis
sound track direct from Epic MegaGames for $5. (See ORDERING INFO
within the game)


ZONE 66 will not run under Windows or OS/2. Only run ZONE 66 from DOS,
with no TSR's or memory managers loaded.


We've tested ZONE 66 with DOS versions from 3 to 5, but DOS 6 was not yet
released at press time. So, if ZONE 66 does not work from DOS 6, you must
create a boot disk with an earlier version of DOS.

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