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Moraf's World. This is a VGA Dungeons and Dragons game with 4 windows displayed showing E-W-N-S views as you move along with an expanding map.
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Moraf’s World. This is a VGA Dungeons and Dragons game with 4 windows displayed showing E-W-N-S views as you move along with an expanding map.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MW.EXE 12738 12448 deflated
WORLD.EXE 99366 98290 deflated
320X200.FNT 2576 851 deflated
360X480.FNT 6164 1295 deflated
640X480.FNT 9292 2158 deflated
800X600.FNT 11592 2720 deflated
EHOUT.FNT 6900 2141 deflated
ENDGAME.EXE 10809 10569 deflated
ROLL.TXT 2433 1079 deflated
H.BIN 2813 1216 deflated
0.HLP 843 478 deflated
1.HLP 163 142 deflated
2.HLP 1114 540 deflated
3.HLP 984 487 deflated
4.HLP 804 434 deflated
5.HLP 1105 518 deflated
6.HLP 257 204 deflated
7.HLP 407 240 deflated
8.HLP 207 178 deflated
9.HLP 684 396 deflated
10.HLP 448 263 deflated
11.HLP 227 181 deflated
12.HLP 540 301 deflated
13.HLP 1260 593 deflated
14.HLP 516 300 deflated
15.HLP 185 146 deflated
16.HLP 325 220 deflated
17.HLP 520 307 deflated
20.HLP 1313 668 deflated
21.HLP 1477 734 deflated
22.HLP 1209 611 deflated
23.HLP 719 397 deflated
24.HLP 853 458 deflated
25.HLP 2287 1061 deflated
26.HLP 2003 882 deflated
27.HLP 1713 826 deflated
28.HLP 635 345 deflated
29.HLP 1924 924 deflated
SPELLS.HLP 10764 2475 deflated
P1 103743 66776 deflated
DUNG.BIN 12800 3461 deflated
README.BAT 1336 648 deflated
UPLOAD.TXT 2125 1096 deflated

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Contents of the README.BAT file

echo off
echo Note: If you play world a lot it will need more than a 360k diskette. If you
echo wish to register World, we have a 360k version that is split on 2 diskettes.
echo Our toll-free order line is 800-VGA-GAME (1-800-842-4263).
echo Here is your copy of Moraff's World, the Beginner's Version 3.0. Please play
echo and enjoy this game and please make copies for your friends. Shareware
echo games are supported by those who use and pay for them. Past support has
echo enabled the developement of our line of super high-res games.
echo Registered owners receive the latest version of this game and several others.
echo Feel free to distribute copies of this game in any of the following ways:
echo 1) Placing the complete program on bulletin boards.
echo 2) Making copies for friends.
echo 3) Giving a free copy to paying customers.
echo 4) Charging a nominal fee for the cost of the diskettes.
echo Type `MW' to start this game.
echo All instructions are built into this program's help files.
echo The file UPLOAD.TXT contains one line and long descriptions of World for
echo use when uploading Moraff's World. Type UPLOAD to read it.
echo Updated 4/25/92

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