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A Text adventure for Windows 3.x.
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A Text adventure for Windows 3.x.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
VBRUN100.DLL 271264 156370 deflated
CCMOUSE.VBX 8336 3474 deflated
CCFCURS.DLL 64992 26353 deflated
CURFIL5.DAT 326 138 deflated
GS_P2_1.DAT 127 75 deflated
CURFIL1.DAT 326 105 deflated
CURFIL3.DAT 326 123 deflated
CURFIL2.DAT 326 115 deflated
CURFIL4.DAT 326 153 deflated
ORDERFRM.WRI 2560 1199 deflated
P2_1.EXE 1613035 349281 deflated
P2_1READ.WRI 10240 4790 deflated

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Contents of the ORDERFRM.WRI file

1LRegistration form for Palace of Deceit 2.1
Checks payable to CLIFF BLESZINSKI, please!

______________________________ _________________
last namefirst name

____________________________ ________
address apt

____________________________ ______ ________________
city state zip code

_________-_________-__________ ____Priority Mail? ($3.00)
phone ____Hint Book? ($5.00)
Two Day Priority Mail is available for an extra $3.00!!!
"Guide to the Palace-lost notes of the Great One" hint book is also available for $5.00.
Orders outside the U.S. add $7.00
The following is a questionnaire for Game Syndicate. Please take the time to fill it out! Thank you!
1.Where did you get your copy of the Shareware version of Dragon's Plight? (if it's a BBS, please list number and name, if it's a catalog, please list phone number also)

2.What made you decide to register?

3.How old will the person be who will play this game?

4.What do you like best about the game so far?

5.What do you like least?

**Currently Dragon's Plight is only available on 1.44 meg 3.5 inch disks.**
Mail check for $20 payable to Cliff Bleszinski to:
Game Syndicate Productions
6019 Birdie Drive
La Verne, CA 91750

We assume you have read and understand the system requirements.
Expect delivery withing 2-3 weeks of mailing registration.
Order with confidence.
THANK YOU! who will play this game?

4.What do you like bestwso,kdggc_ZV2RPN`Jh`fwsBoLjdggc_ZV2RPN`Jh*,Vln,gJ "$\^2f*BN$\^2f to run.

Q. My windows are all messy!
A. Click "Arrange" on the Remote to fix them.

Q. The game runs too slo
0Roman 10cpiPlight Shareware (and Commercial) runs best on a 20Mhz 386 machine. If your machine is 16,10, or 8 mhz, it wi

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