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If You Can!

(C) Copyright 1992 Colin Buckley
All Rights Reserved

Catch, If You Can! is a simple but, action packed and addictive game that
everyone will enjoy! Your purpose is to catch baseballs hit by the batting
coach. You start at Spring Training and can work your way up to the Major
Leagues, although no one has ever made it that far!

Catch is shareware, allowing you to try before you buy, with a
very low registration price. Source code may be purchased as an option for
a low price aswell.

Catch's only requirement is VGA.

Catch supports the Sound Blaster through a Creative Lab driver.

Don't let the small size fool you. Catch expands to 300K and
contains beautiful 256 colour graphics, aswell as humourous and realistic
sound effects (NOTE: Sound Blaster required for sound!)

Catch requires the following files be present:

CATCH.EXE - Catch, If You Can Executable
CATCH.RES - Catch, If You Can Resource File
CATCH.DOC - Catch, If You Can Documentation/Manual
ORDER.BAT - Catch, If You Can Order Form Printer
ORDER.FRM - Catch, If You Can Order Form

For BBS distribution the Catch archive must also contain the following
to be distributed:

README.DOC - This File
FILE_ID.DIZ - Catch, If You Can BBS Description
DESC.SDI - Catch, If You Can BBS Description

The game is basicaly self explainable, and will be up and running
after decompression in no time at all. If you wish to use the keyboard
please select it so you many pick your keys. Pounding ESC will bring you back
to your operating system.

Give the game a chance, it's easy at first for the beginners, but the pace
will pick up and then the fun begins...

Please read CATCH.DOC for a detailed description of the game step
by step, registration info, and source code.


Shareware Vendors,

You are granted the following license subjected to these restrictions:

o You explain this game is not free, but shareware.
o You do not alter any files in any way, except remove this file and the
BBS description files
o You charge a maximum of $5 for this program.
o You pat your self on the back. I appreciate you distributing Catch, if
you'd like future copes sent directly to you, then please send your
catalog to the address at the top of CATCH.DOC.

Detailed Description:

Catch...If You Can! (VGA256 required)
A simple, but action packed, addictive
game that everyone will enjoy!
A definate download! It's only 100K.
Supports Sound Blaster. Source Avail.

Two line descrpition:

Catch...If You Can! (VGA256 required)
Supports Sound Blaster. Source Avail.

One Line description:

Catch, If You Can! VGA256 (SB support)