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To register Catch, If You Can!, please send in the order form below with the
appropriate amount in the form of a cheque or money order payable to
"Colin Buckley", to:

Catch, If You Can
c/o Colin Buckley
151 Roxanne Cresent
Scarborough, ON
Canada M1V 4G7

Please make sure the check or money order is drawn on or payable through a
Canadian bank. If it can be cashed in the US, there should be no problem.
However you can always send a postal money order.

Cut out the above address and tape it on the envelope if you like.

If you want the game to be registered in someone else's name, please
place that name in brackets AFTER your name on the Name line.

Thank you for taking the time to register!

NOTE: Please print when filling out the order form, don't use handwriting.


%%% Catch, If You Can Registration Form %%%
Order Form #C416

Name [Please Print, don't write]:


City, Province/State, Country, Postal/Zip Code:

I'm curious as to where abouts Catch has been distributed and
where it's not so...

Where did you obtain your copy from:

What's your High Score? Highest Wave Reached? What Difficulty Level?


Do you wish to be placed on our mailing list for future high-quality Shareware

( ) Yes! ( ) No! ( ) Only Games!

Please select the package you wish to receive...

( ) Registration $7.50
You'll receive Catch registered, proudly displaying your name,
all Shareware notices removed, methods of cheating, and a "how this
game was made" text file detailing every step and product used.

( ) Include Source Code $20.00
You'll receive Turbo Pascal source code. Requires Registration.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Read Source section in CATCH.DOC!!!

Please select disk type...

( ) 5.25" 360K ( ) 3.5" 720K

Shipping and Handling is...

( ) Canada & US $2.50 ( ) Everywhere else $4.50

Payment method...

( ) Check ( ) Money Order (Postal, International)

NOTE: Canadian Residents use Canadian currency, everyone else US currency.

Total payable to "Colin Buckley"