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Excellent breakout game for EGA/VGA. Very well done, uses mouse.
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Excellent breakout game for EGA/VGA. Very well done, uses mouse.
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Contents of the README.BAT file


Contents of the README file

TYPE READMEHere is your copy of Moraff's Super Blast Ver. 1.0. Please play and enjoy
Super Blast I, and MAKE copies for your friends. Shareware programs are
supported by those who use and pay for them. Your past support has enabled
the developement of this game, the first ever to support 800x600 resolution
as well as Hercules, CGA, EGA and VGA. Your continued support is helping
speed the completion of Moraff's World, the largest role-playing game ever.
Registered owners receive Super Blast II, and are placed on the MoraffWare
mailing list. Super Blast II contains 200 new screens to challenge even
the most skillful player, as well as some easy levels for beginners.

Feel free to distribute copies of this game using any of the following methods:
1) Placing complete program on bulletin boards (Please call it !MORAFFB).
2) Making copies for friends.
3) Giving a free copy to paying customers.
4) Charging a nominal fee for the cost of the diskettes.
5) Companies which prominantly display Super Blast in national ads or
that distribute free copies with every sale may call and receive a
version of this game with their company name as the sponsor FREE!

Type `BLAST' to start the game. If you have a joystick and an AT computer, type
`BLAST J' to play with the joystick (Joystick is only supported on AT's).
All instructions are built into this program's help files.
Our toll-free order line is 800-VGA-GAME (842-4263).

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