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ATM font for Microsoft Windows 3.0.
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ATM font for Microsoft Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

These fonts are compatible with Adobe Type Manager (ATM) for Windows,
allowing them to be seen on screen, and printed to any printer that has a
Windows driver.


1. Copy the .PFB file to your \PSFONTS directory.

2. Copy the .PFM file to your \PSFONTS\PFM directory.

3. Open the ATM Control Panel and "Add..." [fontname] to your list of ATM
fonts. You will have to open the \PSFONTS\PFM directory to allow ATM to see
your font.

4. If you have a PostScript printer, the following will be necessary. If
your printer does not have PostScript, ignore this step. Open your WIN.INI
file with the Windows Notepad program. (Do you have a backup of it? If
not, make one now.) At the end of the "softfonts" list, you will see
something like:


You'll need to change this to:


Doing this allows the Windows PostScript driver to find your .PFB file and
download it to your PostScript printer. DO NOT use a semicolon between the
two entries or you will cause some rather unpleasant problems.

You should now exit Windows and restart. "INKWELL" will now show up in
your Windows programs' font menus and you'll be able to choose it and use it
like any other font. ATM will allow you to see the font and print it
smoothly at all sizes.

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