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True Type Font for Windows 3.1.
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True Type Font for Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the VIDEO.TXT file

Video Terminal Screen
Version 2 - 11/30/91 Copyright (c) 1991 E A BEHL

This TRUETYPE version was converted by FontMonger from the original PostScript font which can also be found in this library as VIDEO.ZIP.

A Pixel-based, Monospace, IBM-PC character set, Data Terminal Screen Font.

General Description
Video Terminal Screen was developed for lack of any available monospaced font,
commercial, share-ware, or otherwise; that resembled characters of a data
terminal or PC screen in text mode. In desperation, I took the advice of a
fellow DTP'er, picked up a copy of CorelDRAW!, and produced my own.
-- Thank you Foster Coburn III

The character set is monospaced, so that text captured from an actual data
session can be imported directly into a document with minimal touch up. It also
includes the full IBM character set (above ASCII 32) so that line and box
drawing is possible, although you may have to play around with character mapping to access the upper 128 characters. Video Terminal Screen was
designed for use as a text font for technical documents such as software
programming manuals.

Background Information
Video Terminal Screen is based on the "standard" 8x16 pixel character set of
EGA/VGA card character generators. Thanks to a great share-ware utility
called FONTEDIT, I didn't have to squint with a magnifying glass to design
each character. For the sake of simplicity and memory consumption, each
character is an outline of the EGA/VGA pixel pattern. Each pixel is a simple
square. Thus, each of the outlines is a straight-line affair; no fancy curve
outlines here.

Typical of monospaced fonts, Video Terminal Screen is somewhat short and
"squatty." To produce printed type at the standard 10 pitch size, (roughly 12
points, theoretically) size the font at 13.7 points.

The Adobe Type 1 version was unhinted, due to the current limitations of Corel's WfnBoss version 2.01p. It also is short 13 more characters, namely ASCII 127, 132, 150, 151, 153-160, and 175. This is due to a quirk of Corel's standard character set, which doesn't include these characters. Although they may exist in the .WFN file, WfnBoss doesn't assign character names to the outlines. One other tidbit, Corel's WfnBoss calls the character at ASCII 149 (IBM-PC's ograve character) "fraction" whereas Adobe uses the name "fractionbar". I'm not sure if this is intentional on Corel's part or merely an oversight. If you happen to need the ograve character, you may have to modify your application's encoding vectors before you can access it.

License to Use
Video Terminal Screen, in all its variations, and any derivative works, are
copyrighted software. This font is Share-Ware software, it is not released to
the Public Domain.

This software may be freely copied and distributed, provided that:

* Credit is given to E A BEHL for any derivative works.

* Commercial Share-Ware distributors must obtain written permission from
E A BEHL, and pay a $10.00 duplication fee; if any charge whatsoever,
including duplication, media, etc., is imposed for its distribution.

Individuals are granted temporary license to use the font software for non-
commercial, evaluation purposes only. This license allows the trial use of thefont in non-commercial (not-for-profit) applications, for no more than thirty (30) days.

If you find this font of value, you may license its continual use for a
nominal, one-time fee of $5.00 U.S. Each license grants permission to install
Video Terminal Screen on up to two low resolution printers (600dpi or lower)
and/or one high resolution printer (above 600dpi.) To obtain a license
certificate, send $5.00 check or money order (U.S. funds only, please) to:

2663 Red Oak Court
Clearwater, Florida U.S.A. 34621-2319
Tel: (813) 789-3550 Fax: (813) 787-9414
CIS: 70413,1073

This software is licensed as is, with no warranty of any kind, including but
not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose. The user assumes all risk arising from the use of this
software. In no event shall E A BEHL, its employees, principals, or agents be
liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential losses caused bythe use of this software.

In the event the software does not perform as stated, the user's sole remedy
shall be the replacement of software or refund of the original license fee.

Copyrights and Trademarks
Video Terminal Screen
Copyright (c) 1991, E A BEHL - Clearwater FL USA. All rights reserved.

Any trade names referenced herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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