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US-Bats Fonts Ink
A True Type Font Bob Ostrander


US-Bats is Dingbats style symbol font that contains the black outline maps
of the 50 States, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and the Continental U.S.
along with some patriotic symbols.

These characters look good at point sizes down to 8 pts. The fine detail
comes through in sizes even over 72 pts.


Luckily there isn't much documentation needed to effectively use Fonts
Ink's US-Bats font in Windows 3.1. In fact what documentation you need you
already have.

To activate the US-Bats font, extract US-BATS.TTF from US-BATS.ZIP.
Copy it to your WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory and activate it via the
Control Panel - Fonts menu. You'll find the Control Panel in your
Main program group.

Usage Notes:

The following key will facilitate use of the US-Bats.

0 Map of Continental U.S. with State outlines *
1 Black outline map of the Continental U.S.
2 U.S. flag **
3 American Bald Eagle
4 Abraham Lincoln portrait
5 Statue of Liberty
6 Fife and drum men **
7 U.S. flag shield
8 Liberty Bell *
9 Liberty Head

* Too complicated to view or print in some sizes
less than 72 pt.
** Too complicated to view in some sizes less than
72 pt.

A Alabama N Indiana a Nebraska n South Carolina
B Alaska O Iowa b Nevada o South Dakota
C Arizona P Kansas c New Hampshire p Tennessee
D Arkansas Q Kentucky d New Jersey q Texas
E California R Louisiana e New Mexico r Utah
F Colorado S Maine f New York s Vermont
G Connecticut T Maryland g North Carolina t Virginia
H Deleware U Massachusetts h North Dakota u Washington
I Florida V Michigan i Ohio v West Virginia
J Georgia W Minnesota j Oklahoma w Wisconsin
K Hawaii X Mississippi k Oregon x Wyoming
L Idaho Y Missouri l Pennsylvania y Washington D.C.
M Illinois Z Montana m Rhode Island z Puerto Rico
and the
Providence Plantations

The state maps are scaled to be a constant height (because you order fonts
by height - points). Because of this long, horizontal states such as
Tennessee take up a great deal of width and look effectively larger.
States such as New Hampshire and Vermonts which are normally thought of as
upright (except possibly by Massachusetts) appear small.

Note also that the state outlines are based on the normally-recognized
conic projection. Thus horizontal lines appear as slight arcs and the
northern border of California and the eastern border of Alaska appear
skewed. Even Wyoming isn't a square state (regardless of what Colorado
says). We found that the outlines are much more recognizable this way.


Thanks for trying out Fonts Ink's US-Bats. We hope you like it. If you
have any comments or suggestions please contact Bob Ostrander at:

Fonts Ink division of
Software Co-op (317-856-6052)
5437 Honey Manor Dr,
Indianapolis, IN 46241 CIS: 76635,1670 - Bob Ostrander

Fonts Ink is supported on CompuServe in the ASP Forum Product Support
section. (GO ASPFORUM - Section 1). The publisher is available there to
answer any questions you have. The latest version is always available in
DTPFORUM PC Fonts section (GO DTPFORUM - Library 9).

Support is also given by BBS on the PBS-BBS (317-856-2087 1200-38400 baud)
in the Author Support conference (Join 1).

US-Bats is written and copyrighted (1992) by Bob Ostrander.

"US-Bats" is a trademark of Fonts Ink