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TrueType fonts -- Batch 4.
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TrueType fonts — Batch 4.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
LECC____.TTF 37832 26761 deflated
LEMISALT.TXT 1378 728 deflated
LEP_____.TTF 41348 18525 deflated
LOGGER.TXT 381 242 deflated
LOP_____.TTF 54576 37308 deflated
MARKBOLD.TXT 664 423 deflated
MEDUSA.TXT 3860 1717 deflated
MEDUSA__.TTF 62156 32675 deflated
MIN_____.TTF 31408 18565 deflated
MKBP____.TTF 27332 18441 deflated
NEWBOLD.TXT 683 392 deflated
OXNARD.TXT 4466 1927 deflated
OXNARD__.TTF 39840 15474 deflated

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Contents of the LEMISALT.TXT file


Enclosed you will find the TrueType fonts Lemiesz and Salter. Lemiesz is modeled on the font Publicity Gothic, and looks like a very bold sans serif font with rough edges; Salter is based on a font called Perspective, which features black sans serif characters with a very long, striped shadow which goes off above and to the right of each character. Both fonts are all caps plus numbers and some punctuation: Lemiesz also has lower case characters identical to their upper case counterparts. 48-point screen output of these fonts looks like this:

These fonts install like any TrueType font.

Lemiesz and Salter are named after two "functionaries" in the Columbia University Music Department who are everything but that and who run everything and make it look easy. If you like or use either font, you might send a postcard to Cynthia Lemiesz or Victoria Salter at Dodge 703, Columbia Music Department, New York, NY 10027 and sat something like, "You made my day. I have to go now. Bye."

Both fonts are copyright by David Rakowski and Columbia University and are distributed free of charge, with no restrictions on distribution except that all files must be included. All Rights Reserved.

From Insect Bytes, a place with so much there there that here is always there, there is always there and vice versa. There there, now.

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