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Collection of True Type Fonts for Windows.
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Collection of True Type Fonts for Windows.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CAIRO.FOT 1312 290 deflated
CAIRO.TTF 21668 11512 deflated
CALIGULA.FOT 1318 287 deflated
CALIGULA.TTF 33620 17925 deflated
CAMBERIC.FOT 1318 291 deflated
CAMBERIC.TTF 28500 15908 deflated
CHANCERY.FOT 1330 298 deflated
CHANCERY.TTF 37004 19848 deflated
CHOPIN.FOT 1314 291 deflated
CHOPIN.TTF 46988 26088 deflated
ERAS.FOT 1310 285 deflated
ERAS.TTF 24816 12458 deflated
EUROTYPE.FOT 1318 289 deflated
EUROTYPE.TTF 25568 12909 deflated
GARAMONB.FOT 1320 289 deflated
GARAMONB.TTF 41268 18455 deflated
GARAMOND.FOT 1318 290 deflated
GARAMOND.TTF 42112 18050 deflated
GARAMONI.FOT 1324 294 deflated
GARAMONI.TTF 45732 19940 deflated
POLO.FOT 1310 285 deflated
POLO.TTF 43728 22666 deflated
README.TXT 1923 919 deflated
RIVERSDE.FOT 1320 291 deflated
RIVERSDE.TTF 43728 22254 deflated
TRASHCAN.EXE 26096 13435 deflated

Download File TTFONTS.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

The true type fonts included here are all Public Domain Type 1 Fonts that
I have converted to True Type format. A special thanks to the original
authors, whoever they may be.

Black Chancery - An Ornate Script-like Font
Cairo - A Very Heavy Serif Font
Caligula - A Calligraphy type Font
Camberic - A Sans Serif Font made with all Curves
Chopin - A Hollow Serif Font
Eras - Another Euro-style San Serif Font
Eurotype - A Heavy Euro-style San Serif Font
Garamond - A Serif Times Roman Type Font
Garamond Bold - A Serif Times Roman Type Font
Garamond Italic - A Serif Times Roman Type Font
Polo - Another Heavy Sans Serif Font
Riverside - A Script type Handwriting Font

To conserve space, these font files include only the printable keyboard
character set. (Upper Case, Lower Case, Numbers and Punctuation).
This makes the files about 1/3 the size of a full font file.

To install them in Windows 3.1:

Step 1: Copy all the font files (*.TTF and *.FON) to there own directory
(for example C:\TRUETYPE).

Step 2: From Windows, Open the Control Panel

Step 3: Double Click on the FONT icon.

Step 4: Click on the ADD... Button.

Step 5: Select the drive and directory where you copied the TTF and FON
Files to in Step 1. (for example C:\TRUETYPE)

Step 6: Make sure the COPY FONTS TO WINDOWS DIRECTORY option is checked

Step 7: Click the SELECT ALL Button.

Step 8: Click the OK Button.

Your True Type Fonts are now installed.

Remember, these fonts are public domain and as such are not to be sold
in any way, shape or form. They are yours to use free of change. You
may distribute them freely. There is no guarantee of usability or
any liability assumed by me.


Rich Wozniak
33 Grand Prix
Cheektowaga, NY 14227

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