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Miami True Type font for Windows 3.1.
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Miami True Type font for Windows 3.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MIAMI.FOT 1306 315 deflated
MIAMI.TTF 25380 10807 deflated
MIAMI.TXT 2885 1467 deflated

Download File TT-MIAMI.ZIP Here

Contents of the MIAMI.TXT file

I converted this public domain Type 3 font to PC True Type format
using AllType v.2. This is the original file, included for
decency's sake. The True Type font can be installed in Windows 3.1
using the Fonts tool in the System toolkit. The original author of
this font should not be held responsible for any problems you
might encounter while using this converted version. --Meg Hamel

Francis X. "Butch" Mahoney, Jr.
302 Lessard St.
Donaldsonville, La. 70346
(504) 473-9378

The fee for this typeface is $15 as is, check or money
order(preferred). Or send $20 and a disk and a list of the sizes
of the bitmaps you would like to have and I will try to oblige
(within, don't ask for 127 point,etc...).

Hello Font Lover,

Previously, I had become much discouraged by distributing my work
on CompuServe. A couple of bad experiences made it difficult for
me to continue. However, recently I have received some
recognition, and it has made me rethink my position.

The economy is bad in Louisiana and I am not doing well. You may
have noticed the address change. I cannot afford the time on
CompuServe except for uploading. Also, my troubles are your gain
for neither can I afford to do any other kind of marketing for my
work other than ShareWare (they would cost at least twice as much
or more). And just having me "sit on these faces" (pun intended)
is not doing any good for myself or anyone else.

My first uploads to CompuServe were rather primitive attempts. I
think now you will find that I am capable of good - excellent
quality alternatives to the "higher priced spreads".

I will assume you know what to do with this typeface. (use Font/DA
Mover 3.2 or higher, don't let Font/DA Mover change the font id,
........if you don't know how to work these, call!!! (not collect)
.........if you can't call, write (like I said, I can't afford CIS)

There is only one size bitmap with this typeface (I'm trying to
keep my long distance and your download charges to a minimum). And
there is a good chance that it is not very clean (I was in a
hurry...Christmas is coming). It will however, automatically
download to any PostScript Device i.e. LaserWriter, Linotronic, or
any of the new PostScript printers that are accessed by AppleTalk.
(Versions of this typeface can be prepared for manual downloading
as a text only file for non-Macintosh computers if the need should

If you should happen to investigate any of the other typefaces
I've uploaded you will probably discover that this is a form
letter tacked on to every one of them. You can skip reading the
others, however, the ShareWare fee remains.

Thank you.

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