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Shol True Type display font - like stacked cards.
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Shol True Type display font – like stacked cards.
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Contents of the SHOHL.TXT file

The Shohl-Fold font (what a silly name) is 1992 by D. Rakowski, all rights reserved. The letters look like they are on a continuous fanfold -- some facing left, some facing right. To get the visual effect of a continuous fanfold, then, a left-facing letter should follow a right-facing letter should follow a left-facing letter, etc. To wit, there are two versions of each character in the font -- the left-facing version and the right-facing version.

Here are the rules for where to find the characters:


All capital letters face LEFT.
All lower-case letters face RIGHT.


Keyboard mapping was a little difficult for punctuation; in general, the normal keys to produce a number or punctuation mark will produce a letter facing LEFT. The RIGHT-facing versions add the option key (e.g., pressing 3 gives you a left-facing 3; pressing option 3 gives you a right-facing 3). However, for PC users of the font, these are high ASCII characters that you have to produce using the NUM LOCK/ALT shuffle. Therefore, keep in mind the following rule:


Right-facing versions of numbers and punctuation are at the following ASCII values:

0 - 188
1 - 193
2 - 170
3 - 163
4 - 162
5 - 176
6 - 164
7 - 166
8 - 165
9 - 187
. - 179
, - 178
' - 190
" - 174
! - 218
? - 192
& - 224
$ - 221

There is also a combined apostrophe-S ligature on the Mac Keyboard at option-s and shift-option-s; the ASCII values for this ligature are 167 and 234, respectively.


The spacebar produces only white space; to get a blank section of fanfold, use left parenthesis, left bracket or left brace for a LEFT-facing blank fanfold; use right parenthesis, right bracket or right brace for a RIGHT-facing blank piece of fanfold.


Your shareware fee is $3 and should be in the form of a check made out to Columbia University and sent to Cynthia Lemiesz, Music Department, 703 Dodge Hall, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027. Your shareware fee is fully tax-deductible and goes toward the cost of performances of music composed by Columbia students.

Shohl-Fold, the font, is without limitations as to its distribution. Nonprofit organizations such as user groups may distribute the font freely; for profit companies are prohibited from distributing the font without permission.

Shohl-Fold comes from Insect Bytes, a place where 17 megabytes seems to be fine for now.

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