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Broad brush capital letter TrueType font.
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Broad brush capital letter TrueType font.
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Contents of the ROCKMAKE.TXT file

The characters of the Rockmaker font look like they consist of rough, broad paintbrush strokes such as you might find on a sign painted on a piece of wood in a Western frontier town. The font it is based on is called 'Trading Post.' This font is all caps, plus numbers and punctuation. It has been distributed in Macintosh and PC formats in TrueType and PostScript versions. Your advocate Eileen Wharmby has tested and uploaded the PC versions.

The Rockmaker font is copyright (c) 1992 by David Rakowski. It is distributed free of charge for personal use, with restrictions. You may give copies to your friends, providing all the files originally in this archive (including the one you are reading) are included. You may keep up to 7,892,312 copies of this font in your house for personal use. User groups and nonprofit organizations may distribute this font on their nominal charge disks without the author's expressed permission, with the same restrictions as above. Commercial distribution of any kind, distribution of the font for a platform other than Macintosh or PC, and distribution outside of the United States and Canada is expressly prohibited, without exception. No exceptions. Companies interested in commercial distribution of this font may contact the author on Compuserve at 73240,3060 or on Internet as [email protected] or [email protected].

The Rockmaker font comes to you by the good graces of the fictional characters at Insect Bytes, who want to use their high, squeaky voices to remind you: "Never use a font in a size larger than your head."

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