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True Type Font -- Pointage.
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True Type Font — Pointage.
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POINTAGE.TXT 2320 1186 deflated
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PO______.PFM 676 229 deflated

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Contents of the POINTAGE.TXT file


An all-caps font resembling Torino that has had Victorian-type pointing fingers, pointing right, superimposed so that the hands look like they are grasping the letters as well as pointing rightward.

TrueType and Type 1 PostScript formats for both Macintosh and PC platforms are supported for this font. No other platforms, including Apple II and NeXT, are supported or condonded for this font.

The font was created at Insect Bytes by David Rakowski on a Macintosh IIsi with Fontographer version 3.5.1. Supporting cast included a Microtek hand scanner, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Streamline. PC versions of this font were tested and tweaked by Eileen Wharmby.

All supported versions of the Pointage font are copyright (c) 1992 by David Rakowski. All Rights Reserved.

The Pointage font was released to the public September 19, 1992, as shareware. You may keep a copy of the font for your personal use for 30 days. If you keep the font after that period, you are honor-bound to comply with the shareware terms, which are as follows: you may license the font for your own personal use by sending a check for $3.03 made out to Columbia University; the check should be sent to Cynthia Lemiesz, Music Department, 703 Dodge, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027 (your check helps pay for performances of music composed by Columbia University students). Include a 3x5 card on which is typed the word "Overalls."

You may copy the Pointage font freely and give copies to your friends on disk, providing you include the Readme notice you are reading, on disk. User groups and nonprofit organizations may include this font on nominal charge disks, with the same restrictions. Commercial sale and distribution is strictly prohibited. Distribution in any form outside of the United States and Canada is strictly prohibited. This font may not be reproduced in printed form for any commercial publication without the copyright holder's specific permission.

Insect Bytes momentarily revoked its pledge never to release another font as shareware because we couldn't resist it. We made this font for whimsical signage in the Columbia Music Department and can't really imagine any actual use for it.

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