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Type 1 font for Adobe ATM - Windows 3.0.
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Type 1 font for Adobe ATM – Windows 3.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
PIGNOSET.AFM 12619 3612 deflated
PIGNOSET.PFB 29714 25625 deflated
PIGNOSET.PFM 1028 618 deflated
PIGNOSET.TXT 2583 1193 deflated

Download File PIG_NOSE.ZIP Here

Contents of the PIGNOSET.TXT file

David Teich
Teich Design
41 Tamara Drive
Roosevelt, NJ 08555
609 448 5036

Attn: Creative Director/Publications Manager

This disk contains "Pig Nose Typ", a typeface designed for
the Macintosh by Teich Design. This typeface was created on
the Mac and is freeware; you may post it on any BBS or
distribute it without charge to others as long as this file
accompanies it and the face itself remains unchanged in any
way. If you have any questions regarding viewing or
installing any of this material, please call me at the above
phone number and I will assist you.

This disk has been checked for viruses with SAM 2.02 and
Disinfectant 2.1.

Typeface Installation Instructions

1. Install the bitmap font into your System file with the
Font/DA Mover. Double clicking on the .bmap file will start
the Font/DA Mover. You must use Font/DA Mover version 3.8 or
later. If you havent used Font/DA mover before, consult the
Macintosh Utilities manual that came with your Macintosh.
You may need to restart your Mac in order for the installed
font to appear in your font menus.

2. Install the PostScript (printer) font file by dragging it
into the System Folder. It is the file that has an icon that
looks like a LaserWriter. (If you own Suitcase II or
MasterJuggler, consult their manuals for the proper
installation of PostScript files.)

3. Unless you know what it is, you can throw away the AFM
file. This file is mainly useful for computers other than
the Macintosh.

4. This is a Type 1 font, compatible with Adobe Type
Manager, Suitcase II, and Master Juggler. In fact, it is
intended for use with ATM; only 10, 12 and 24 point sizes
are included. Consult the ATM, Suitcase II, or Master
Juggler manuals for complete details on installing new

If you have any questions, or need assistance with
installation, contact Teich Design at the address above.

If you will return the following response document, you will
receive the next original typeface created by Teich Design.


Name _____________________________ Title _______________________

Organization _____________________ Phone ( ) __________________

Address _________________________________________________________

City ___________________ State ___________________ Zip ________

Your present needs for art/computer/design services:

____ I would like to see your portfolio of printed work;
call me to set an appointment

____ I would like to discuss a current project

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