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PC Ornamental font for ATM and PageMaker.
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PC Ornamental font for ATM and PageMaker.
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Contents of the PCORNAMN.DOC file

Notes :

Here is a collection of ornaments, which go along rather nicely
with Adobe's Wood Type Package. There isn't much to say
about this font - all of the characters were digitized from an
enlarged photocopy of Roy Kelly's American Wood Types,
and most of ornaments, flourishes and pointers come from
Hamilton's 1906 catalogue, which original I have never
seen. Interestingly enough, most of the Adobe Type can be
found in Kelly's book, a not surprising fact since American
Wood Type is the wood type bible, nearly by itself sparking
a revival of interest (and types) in Wood Type. Also, Kelly
wrote an introduction for Adobe, and methinks acted as
a consultant of sorts as well. To be fair to Adobe, the types
seem to deserve the label "Original", not only because of the
quality of digitization, which is high, but also because the
Adobe design staff created characters never previously
included with the face. At any rate, most of the characters
here don't appear in Adobe's Package (which was part of
the reason why this font exists at all), and though some of
the curves in the font are less than entirely satisfactory
(which font having been coughed up over a week last month),
I hope it will be of some use.

Nigel Yeoh
zdtl123 @
compuserve : 100016,275

August 1990

I'd like to thank David Collier and the other folks at Decode
Design, 1 Ashland House, Ashland Place, London, for absolutely
invaluable spiritual guidance. May Jolt Cola never appear in
any of his videos.

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