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Nixon in China TrueType font for Windows 3.1 - oriental looking.
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Nixon in China TrueType font for Windows 3.1 – oriental looking.
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NIIC____.TTF 19524 12672 deflated
NIXON.TXT 992 536 deflated

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Contents of the NIXON.TXT file

NixonInChina is a font designed to look like display printing on many Chinese restaurant menus. It has a complete upper- and lower-case alphabet and punctuation: no numbers or diacritics. It is based on a font called Chopstick.

NixonInChina is copyright (c) 1992 by David Rakowski. It is distributed free of charge. You may keep as many copies as you wish (up to 4 million) and you may give copies on disk to your friends, providing your friends are human and providing you include all the files originally included in this archive. User groups and nonprofit organizations may distribute this font on their nominal charge disks with the same stipulations; for profit organizations and public domain/shareware outlets are specifically prohibited from including this font on any disk they sell or give away. The only authorized platforms for use of this font are Macintosh PostScript or TrueType and PC Type 1 and TrueType.

NixonInChina comes to you from InsectBytes. We're so good it hurts.

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