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Marker felt wide TrueType font.
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Marker felt wide TrueType font.
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MarkerFeltWide v.2 TrueType Font for the PC 4/93

Shareware, $11

Remit To:
Pat Snyder
1797 Ross Inlet Road
Coos Bay, OR 97420

A Type 1 MacIntosh Postscript font (converted to PC TrueType for use
with Windows 3.1); an upper and lower case font, MarkerFeltWide makes
typed copy look spontaneously hand lettered and gives messages urging
immediacy a casual, personal touch as if made with a wide, felt-tip
marker. Similar to MarkerFeltThin, but offering wider stroked letters.

Use for eye-catching notices, headlines and ad display to convey
spontaneous expression for messages of: urgency, immediacy or:
"Take notice!"

Instead of reaching for a trusted (hopefully capped) felt-tip pen loaded
with permanent ink to scrawl impulsive messages, reach for the keyboard
and click away. Cartoonists tell me MarkerFeltThin is excellent at
smaller sizes (I recommend no lower than 12 pts.) The same with
MarkerFeltWide. It's IDEAL at 24 and up for ad copy, posters, displays

Normal keyboard strokes will produce numbers, the hyphen and = sign, and
shifted symbols also the superscripted numbers of 00 and 99 above the to give better visual effect when wanting to show prices of like $4.99
$5.00. Input from registered users caused me to create Version 2 which
updates the font with additional characters: legal symbols, Ellipses,
em and en dashes several diacritical characters and more.

To Install: Once in Windows 3.1 launch the Control Panel in the Main
window. Select Fonts utility and click on the Add...Button. Choose the
drive and/or directory to locate he TrueType font (.TTF file). Your font
should appear in the Installed Fonts window. Close the dialog box.
You shouldn't have to restart Windows.

Try and ENJOY!.......then if you use and enjoy, honor the shareware fee
of $11. If you SHARE this font, please include all files and documents
in one folder. I currently teach drawing, painting, printmaking, year
book DTP, and commercial art to future artists, possibly typographers
(alias) high school students; and produce serious art for local,
regional and national juried exhibitions. Please mention where you obtained
the font, name and Ver. No., and the format i.e. PC TrueType etc. If you
SHARE this font with others, please include all files and documents in one
archive/folder. I also enjoy receiving copies or sample of works created with my fonts. I show them to students so they can see wheat real people
are really doing in today's DTP world.

Comments, suggestions, both bricks and bouquets always welcome to
Pat or Gail at the above address or:
CompuServe: 76307,2431.
America Online: Rps82
Hint: a software library search entering Rps82 will list all of my fonts
except OregonWet which is Rps8. On CServe search/find 76307,2431.

Since creating my first font SnyderSpeed Brush (11/91 v.1 upper case
only), the encouragement of shareware fees and/or input from users,
allowed me to update SnyderSpeed by adding lower case (1/92), plus
create OregonWet (on AOL's Nov. 91 top download's list), OregonDry,
MarkerFeltThin 2/92, MarkerFeltWide 4/92 (used by Aldus Magazine's "New
Comics" article, pgs.18-20 July/Aug '92 issue) and StarsAndStripes 7/92;
updates to MarkerFelt Thin v2, MFWide v2 and (SnyderSpeed Brush v3 9/92
and ComicsCarToon 10/92 (featured in Aldus Magazine 3/93), both top
downloads; NeedlePointSew 11/92; MarkerFinePoint 3/93. Fonts are
available both in Type 1 and True Type Formats on AOL and CServe for
the Mac.

*4/93 fonts converted for PC use with Windows 3.1 in TType format and
planned for uploading by May1993 via CServe modem, DTP forum; and in
Oregon via Night OWl BBS (503) 267-4338 which to date has no connect
charge. Thanks ahead of time for supporting shareware!

Thanks ahead of time for supporting shareware.

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