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Type 1 PostScript font for ATM - Windows 3.0.
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Type 1 PostScript font for ATM – Windows 3.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MATHMAJ_.AFM 11041 3248 deflated
MATHMAJ_.PFB 32734 28683 deflated
MATHMAJ_.PFM 679 336 deflated
MATHMAJ_.TXT 472 279 deflated

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Contents of the MATHMAJ_.TXT file

This archive contains printer fonts, the Fontographer
document, and the AFM (font metrics) file for a PostScript
font called MathMajor. MathMajor is a type 1 Postscript
font (w/hints) generated in Fontographer 3.2 -- it looks
like a stroked font, although it is actually filled
characters. The font is for making up math formulas and
contains math and greek symbols. It also contains the
normal alphanumeric characters with the simple stroked

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