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MacHumaine Calligraphic PS font for Adobe ATM and Windows 3.0.
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MacHumaine Calligraphic PS font for Adobe ATM and Windows 3.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MAC2PC.TXT 1143 618 deflated
MACHUITA.AFM 15006 4273 deflated
MACHUITA.PFB 42987 42204 deflated
MACHUITA.PFM 2056 1505 deflated
MACHUMAN.AFM 14984 4230 deflated
MACHUMAN.FOG 52864 20166 deflated
MACHUMAN.PFB 42670 41904 deflated
MACHUMAN.PFM 2057 1505 deflated
MACHUMAN.TXT 3094 1548 deflated

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Contents of the MAC2PC.TXT file

Converted from the type three Macintosh font using
Corel Draw's WFNBoss, Zsoft's SoftType, and Wrefont (to
generate the .AFM) -- July 30, 1991. I've included (besides
the converted fonts) the author's original note, and the
Fontographer file. I've got no idea how and if Altsys is
going to inplent Mac -> PC transfer of Fontographer files.
The Fontographer file is the one with the .FOG extension. It
hasn't been translated in any way, and includes a MacBinary

-- Alan Rodgers

Update, August 19, 1991: I've managed to wring the
font through auto-hinting software without having the
winding problem on the `d' raise its dark head. While I was
at it I took another look at the documantation, and saw that
the author recommended obliqueing the font. I tried it, and
sure enough, it's even prettier than the original (which was
pretty darn nice, IMO). Since most of you don't have the
software to allow you to do this, I've gone ahead and
included an obliqued version in the archive -- it should
show up in Windows as MacHumaine-Italic.

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