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Type 1 PostScript font for ATM - Windows 3.0.
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Type 1 PostScript font for ATM – Windows 3.0.
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LUMPARSK.PFB 21457 20546 deflated
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LUMPARSK.TXT 1538 864 deflated

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Contents of the LUMPARSK.TXT file

Read Me Lumparsky Type 1 Font

Heres another free display font I created with Altsys'
Fontographer 3.1 that I hope someone can use. It's an
ATM-compatible font that I named ``Lumparsky'' in honor of
my six-year-old daughter Emily (I sometimes torment her with
the nickname ``Lumparsky''). Lumparsky is an unusual bold
forties-style hand-lettering typeface based on a partial
font I found in an old lettering manual. This version has
over a hundred kerning pairs and a little dingbat of
``Lumparsky'' at shift-option-tilde (~) doing what she does
when I call her that name.

I don't recommend using Lumparsky with a 300-dpi printer at
any size smaller than 14 points, and even that may be
pushing it. I think it looks best between 24 and 60 points
for informal flyers and ads. The capitals also make nice
drop caps with body texts of fussy serif fonts like Stempel
Schneidler, Novarese, or Weiss. Theres only, as with my
other fonts, a 24-point screen font included, since I assume
you use Adobe Type Manager.

As always, this font is free. Users groups are welcome to
distribute it as long as everything in the Lumparsky folder
is kept together, but anyone else who sells
freeware/shareware disks and distributes it must also send
me free copies of any disks (floppy, CD ROM, etc.) it
appears on. I'd also appreciate hearing comments from anyone
who likes or dislikes my fonts. Thanks!

Walter Kafton-Minkel
c/o Portland Macintosh Users Group
PO Box 8949
Portland, OR 97207-8949

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