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Livia Type 1 font for Adobe TM - Windows 3.0.
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Livia Type 1 font for Adobe TM – Windows 3.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
LIVIREAD.TXT 462 314 deflated
LI______.AFM 4338 1549 deflated
LI______.CFG 470 300 deflated
LI______.INF 476 278 deflated
LI______.PFB 17348 13243 deflated
LI______.PFM 832 444 deflated

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Contents of the LIVIREAD.TXT file

"Livia" (wife of Caesar Augustus, and mother of Tiberius) is a refined and
somewhat stately titling font. There is no lower case, with the exception
of a few letters needed for some logotypes. Looks best at 48pt and above.
The face will be revised and augmented as need requires. Suggestions for
additional characters will be considered. Send suggestions to:

Stephen Moye (CIS 76416,1542)
The Studio
Dept. 158
306 Thayer St.
Providence, Rhode Island

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