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Type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
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Type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
LITHOGBK.AFM 4697 1571 deflated
LITHOGBK.PFB 10402 9500 deflated
LITHOGBK.PFM 692 272 deflated
LITHOGBK.TXT 1821 975 deflated

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Contents of the LITHOGBK.TXT file

IMPACT! Communications is proud to announce the release of their newest
"famous faces" typeface:


This is our version of an immensely popular display face you have
probably seen everywhere from the titling on MTV to ads for
"Home Alone" and so forth. This is the first release from our
new library of famous font copies. Why pay $100 for a font,
when you can receive one of the same quality for only a few bucks from
our company?

Please send in $5 for the use of this font, and we will send you our
font catalog, complete with all those faces that you want, but can't
afford to shell out big bucks for.

We hope you like LITHOGRAPH-Black, and welcome your comments and suggestions,
as well as fonts you'd like to see in our catalog.

Please send $5 to:
13412 Galewood St.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

If you would like to have this font in other formats
(Atech Fast Font(.FF1), Type 3(.PFA), Intellifont(.FF,.TFM,.TX,.FI),
HP LaserJet III(.SFS,.PFM), Nimbus Q(.FNT), TrueType(.TTF) or MACINTOSH)
Please send an additional $5 per format to the above address.


For Adobe Type Manager Users:

Go to the ATM Control Panel and choose "ADD"
Then, locate the directory where you saved your download
Choose "Lithograph-Black", and click on the "ADD" button
Exit ATM and restart Windows, and your font should show up
in the font menu.

For Corel Draw Users:

Run WFNBOSS and select the option: ADOBE TYPE 1
Then, select the source directory where you unzipped your
Select "Lithograph-Black" from the menu and Choose "CONVERT"

WFN BOSS will save the file as LITHOGBK.WFN, and when you start
Corel Draw, the font will appear at the bottom of the font list.

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