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Koshgarian - a slightly rounded sans serif True Type font.
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Koshgarian – a slightly rounded sans serif True Type font.
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The Koshgarian-Light font is copyright 1991 by D. Rakowski, All Rights Reserved. The font is modeled on Handel Gothic Light, the font used on Pepsi Cola cans. It is also named after Julie Koshgarian, a former co-worker now working as a lawyer.

The full character set is available in Koshgarian-Light, as well as punctuation and numbers. A few other European characters are also available, but there are no diacritical characters. The font is a square sans serif font, like a more rounded Eurostile.

Koshgarian-Light is shareware. If you like and use the font, please make a tax-deductible donation of $10 to Columbia University. Send your check to Cynthia Lemiesz, Music Department, 703 Dodge Hall, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027. Your donation helps to pay for the performance of music written by Columbia University composers. Lawyers and law offices may use the font free of charge. You may distribute this font freely, providing all the files in this archive, this one included, are included.

Koshgarian-Light is presented to the font-hungry community as a public service of Insect Bytes, a fictional corporate identity created to give life to a room with otherwise humdrum wallpaper.

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