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True-Type Font for Windows 3.1.
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True-Type Font for Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the KASHMIR.TXT file

This is the truetype version of the Kashmir font converted to IBM
TrueType for use with Windows, etc, by Adam Albright with permission
to distribute granted by the original author.
-- Matt Hill

-------------------------------------------KASHMIR INTRO

Howdy again. This is the first (and with luck, the only) upgrade
to my Kashmir font. The uneven line widths that plagued several
letters in the initial release have been eliminated. The font is
modeled after the typeface on the cover of Houses Of The Holy.
I have provided PostScript Type 1 and TrueType versions of the
font, along with four bitmap sizes that I have tweaked into
legibility for the smaller point sizes.

-------------------------------------------GENERAL NOTES

This font contains a number of non-standard characters. The
four runes from Led Zeppelin 4 (Zoso, etc.) are assigned to the
keys `, ~, @ and %. There are also a number of special ligatures
(see tips for improving font appearance). As far as screen use
goes, size 18 is the nicest (12 and 14 are very condensed and
the lines in 24 are a bit too narrow for my tastes). The printer
fonts look good at any size, thanks to the advice of Jonathan
Brecher ([email protected]) and John Skidgel
([email protected]), who have illuminated me in the
mysteries of clockwise and counterclockwise outlines.


Kashmir also has several characters that make the type fit
together better. The vowels are underlined (just like on the
album), and the bottom lines of some characters segue into the
line under the vowels. In order to get vowels to segue into each
other requires a bit of trickery. There is another set of vowels
in the typeface with extended underlines. To get them, type
option-e (for extend) and then the vowel. In addition, there are
two versions of capital F and P. Lower case letters will fit
under the overhang if you use the versions option-p and option-f.


This font is FREE! There are no strings attached. Distribute it at
will. I ask that you keep this document as part of the distribution
package, because I want people to know the tips listed above. Feel
free to make changes to the font, as long as you send me a copy.
Remember that I am not legally responsible for anything bad that
happens to you, even it it involves my font.

---------------------------------------------OTHER NOTES

The other classic rock software alluded to above is the Doors
Stack, a collection of lyrics, art & trivia about the band. Now in
its second edition, it is available from Sumex and other fine

I would love to hear your comments. Even a brief note like "neat
font" would make my day, so please make the effort to write. I
live at:
[email protected]
Brian Davies, Box 46 CT, Bowdoin College, Brunswick ME 04011

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