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Jeff-Nichols Type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
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Jeff-Nichols Type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
JEFFNICH.AFM 1670 703 deflated
JEFFNICH.PFB 36791 32615 deflated
JEFFNICH.PFM 346 229 deflated
JEFFNICH.TXT 776 443 deflated

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Contents of the JEFFNICH.TXT file

Jeff-Nichols is a Type 1 PostScript font that will work with Adobe Type Manager for Windows. It is an all-caps font suitable for drop caps. It is a rather ornate and detailed late 19th century Art Nouveau font.Jeff Nichols is a professor of music at Columbia University and is my roommate as well.

Jeff-Nichols, the font, is by David Rakowski 1991, all rights reserved. You may use Jeff-Nichols to your heart's content without charge, and you may give copies to your friends providing all the files in this archive are included, including the one you are reading.

Insect-Bytes, close to a wetland that breeds enough mosquitoes for the first, second, and third worlds, gives you this font, 'cause we're cute, and 'cause we're the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.

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