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A Laser Font

INTERNATIONAL is a font I put together just for fun and to
learn Fontographerª. It is FreeWare. The only thing I am
asking is that if you give this font to anybody please keep
all the documentation together with the font files. Please
send any comments or feedback. Of course, if you wish to
send funds they will be accepted.

Gary L. Ratay
18 White Pine Drive
Littleton CO. 80127
or on Genie

Included with this file are the following files:

Inter - this is the laser font and should be placed in your
System Folder.

International - This is the bit mapped version for the
screen display. It should be installed in your system using
Apple's Font / DA mover. There is only 36 point. The 36
point has been hand edited and should also work well on an

The overprint keys overprint the character preceeding it.
For example to put a black box around the helicopter
symbol, you would type an "h" and then a"\". It takes a
little getting use to but try it and then it will make
sense. Once in a while a program may have problems with
the screen display and a character that you have deleted
still shows up on the screen. If you move the document
around it displays correctly.

Overprint Key ProducesÉ

| Grey Box
\ Black Box
Option-| Grey Triangle
Option-\ Black Triangle
; Small Grey "no" Circle
: Large Grey "no" Circle
Option-; Small Black "no" Circle
Option-: Large Black "no" Circle
Option-0 Large Black Circle
Option-) Large Grey Circle

Of course some symbols work in some shapes and don't work
in others.