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ATM PostScript font called HotShot.
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ATM PostScript font called HotShot.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
HOTSHOT_.AFM 5412 1928 deflated
HOTSHOT_.PFB 10492 9634 deflated
HOTSHOT_.PFM 980 584 deflated
HOTSHOT_.TXT 958 568 deflated

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Contents of the HOTSHOT_.TXT file

Hotshot Type 1 PostScript Font

Here is a font Ive been mucking around with that is based
on scans from a 1930s sign-painting manual. Its more an
experiment than anything else, but it looks nice, I think,
for short titles or display art used 18 points or larger.
Theres only a 24-point bitmap because I assume that you,
like me, use ATM and wouldnt try using Hotshot at 10
points (it would be foolish). Hotshot is free and can be
given to anyone as long as you dont mess with it or remove
this Readme file. Hotshot was created in Fontographer 3.1;
if anyone out there wants to change or improve it, please
send me a copy and let me know first (Ill even send you or
upload you a copy of the original Fontographer file if you
like). Thanks. Companies like Educorp are welcome to
distribute this font ONLY IF they send me a free copy of
the disk they sell it on.

Walter Kafton-Minkel
3425 NE 18th Ave.
Portland, OR 97212

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