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Type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
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Type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
GISMONDA.AFM 4628 1683 deflated
GISMONDA.PFB 16329 12267 deflated
GISMONDA.PFM 692 532 deflated
GISMONDA.TXT 4391 1955 deflated

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Contents of the GISMONDA.TXT file

"Gismonda" is a display face with an old stylized feel to it.

This font is shareware. You, or the company for which you work, must
register any shareware fonts you use as a moral duty, and in order to keep the
supply of shareware fonts coming. See below for the font price and
registration address.

This Postscript Type 1 font was created for use on Macintosh systems, and
was downloaded from a Macintosh/graphic-arts-oriented BBS and converted for
use on IBM-PC-compatible computers running (1) Windows 3.x or a compatible
graphical user interface, and (2) Adobe Type Manager or an equivalent font
manager. Various steps in the conversion process may have involved some or
all of the following PC utilities:

"Unsit" by Brian Uechi...a PC utility for unarchiving Macintosh
"StuffIt"-archived files. The Macintosh filename of such an archive
sometimes ends with an ".sit" suffix. "Unsit" is an invaluable tool for
working with Macintosh files. (Unfortunately, it will not handle the
more-recent Deluxe StuffIt format, which can be identified by looking at the
StuffIt file with an ASCII fileviewer; standard StuffIt files have a
SIT!SIT! signature within the first few bytes, while Deluxe StuffIt files
have a SITDSIT! signature.) Copyrighted freeware. Version 3.0 dated 5-2-91
used. Available on CIS and on BBSs, including Channel One, Boston
(617-354-8873); may be listed on BBSs as "unsit" or as "unsit30", but check
file dates to obtain a current version, as earlier versions may still be
posted on some BBSs.

"Extract" by Bill Goodman...a PC utility for unarchiving Macintosh
"Compactor Pro"-archived files. The Macintosh filename of such an archive
sometimes ends with a ".cpt" suffix. "Extract" is another invaluable tool
for working with Macintosh files. Copyrighted freeware. Version 1.0 used.
Available on CIS and on BBSs, including Channel One, Boston.

"Wrefont 3.0" by Acute Systems...a PC/Windows utility for performing various
font conversions, adjustments and repairs. This is a tool for a font
mechanic, not a font artist. This full-feature version is $20 + $4 S/H;
"Refont", a trial version with limited but still quite useful functionality,
is available on CIS and BBSs, including Channel One, Boston. "Refont"
contains ordering information for "Wrefont".

Conversion performed by John Schaefer, P.O. Box 4123, Dedham, MA 02026.
This font has been tested for apparent complete functionality in a stable and
conventional PC/Windows 3.0/ATM 1.15/PageMaker 4.0 system which is heavily
used for DTP work. No warranty is provided and no representations are made or
implied with regard to suitability of this converted font for any purpose or
function in any other system or use. The user is entirely responsible for
ascertaining the suitability of this converted font for his or her intended
use. It is strongly recommended that any software tool, commercial or
shareware, including this converted font, should be tested before use for any
important work. John Schaefer has no proprietary rights to the converted
font, which is essentially unchanged from the original version and thus
remains wholly subject to the original font artist's proprietary rights.
Note, however, that the original font artist cannot be responsible for, and
cannot provide support for, the font conversion as such.

The following is a translated, unedited version of the font artist's
textfile, which was part of the original Macintosh font file:

FoxScript is a Type 1 PostScript font. It is compatible with Adobe Type
Manager (ATM). It is created by Sam Wang, using Fontographer and DeskPaint.
It may be given to other Mac users freely, provided that this notice is
attached. However, it may not be sold or be included in any packages to be
sold without the written permission from the author. All rights reserved.
If you wish to keep it, please send $5 shareware fee.

For use, copy the PostScript file into your System folder, and use Font DA
Mover or Suitcase to install the screen font.

Accolades, $$ contributions, suggestions, or complaints may be sent to:

Sam Wang
108 Poole Lane
Clemson, SC 29631
e-mail: [email protected]

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