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Genoa font for ATM and/or PageMaker.
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Genoa font for ATM and/or PageMaker.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
GENOAITA.AFM 7672 2320 deflated
GENOAITA.PFB 19005 18130 deflated
GENOAITA.PFM 676 410 deflated
GENOAITA.TXT 863 486 deflated
GENOAROM.AFM 7517 2089 deflated
GENOAROM.PFB 18901 18036 deflated
GENOAROM.PFM 675 407 deflated
GENOAROM.TXT 805 452 deflated

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Contents of the GENOAITA.TXT file

Genoa Read Me
by Alan R. Townsend

Genoa is a Type 1 font set basically similar to the Venice font that came
with the Mac OS. It is designed for use with the Macintosh computer and any
Postscript printer. It is also Adobe Type Manager (ATM) compatible.

Since Genoa is a display font, it is generally not acceptable for body
text. This font includes both Roman and Italic faces.

I make no claims as to the completeness or usefulness of this font, nor is
any warranty implied. This font is supplied as is.

This font is supplied as Freeware. I am not asking for any money, but do ask
that you include this file if you pass it on to someone else. If you feel
compelled to pay for this, send any checks, money orders, Type 1 fonts of
your own design, postcards, comments, or whatever to:

Alan Townsend
3307 Nadine Ave.
Rockford, IL 61111

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