Dec 122017
A different font for ATM or PageMaker.
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A different font for ATM or PageMaker.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FUNDRUNI.AFM 6861 2085 deflated
FUNDRUNI.PFB 16532 15640 deflated
FUNDRUNI.PFM 685 350 deflated
FUNDRUNK.WFN 25735 9379 deflated
FUNDRUNN.AFM 6911 2046 deflated
FUNDRUNN.PFB 16251 15357 deflated
FUNDRUNN.PFM 689 353 deflated
README.TXT 385 266 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

The .PFB, .PFM, and .AFM files were created from the latest
version of CorelDraw's WFNBOSS. Although some applications
which produce samples of a font have problems doing so, noteably
WinPSX and PSX, the font downloads to a PostScript printer just fine
with these programs. It has been tested in several Windows 3.0
applications, and it prints beautifully.

- Charlie Seljos

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