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Laser font for ATM or PageMaker.
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Laser font for ATM or PageMaker.
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FLEUREAD.TXT 1857 1013 deflated
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Contents of the FLEUREAD.TXT file

The printer's flowers (fleurons) contained in these Fontographer v3.3 files
are modeled on those found in John Ryder's "A Suite of Fleurons" (Charles
T. Branford, Boston, Massachusetts, 1957). Many of the flowers date from
the 18th century.

This typeface of fleurons contains the greater majority of those found in
Ryder's book. I have generated them in sizes from 10- to 36-points. These
flowers should not, with only a few exceptions, be used at more than

This new edition (v1.6, 15 July 91) contains a number of new "flowers." In
"Ars Typographica" (Vol 11, no. 1) I found some flowers that were in the
style of the originals in this collection (in the lowercase positions).
From Bruce Rogers' "Paragraphs on Printing" I found a number of simple but
extremely useful ornaments: these are, for the most part, located in the
numbers and SHIFT-numbers positions. The Kingsport Press catalogue
(supplement #1) also contained a number of useful flowers. Some
fleurs-de-lis round-out what should be an interesting and useful

Two of the flowers created PostScript errors (error: limitcheck; offending
command: awidthshow). These, therefore had to be simplified. I did this by
splitting the characters up. The component parts of the two characters can
now be found in 'D' and 'K', and 'M', 'N' and 'O'. This turns out to be a
blessing in disguise: the pieces can be used as independent ornaments.
Further, I have kerned these characters in such a way that they overprint,
thus creating the entire fleuron.

Some can be used "as-is". Others are meant to be copied and reflected in a
program like Freehand or Illustrator. NB: USE REFLECTION & *NOT* ROTATION
to achieve the patterns you want.

Have fun.

Stephen Moye (CIS 76416,1542)
The Studio
Dept. 158
306 Thayer St.
Providence, Rhode Island

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