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Farquarson font for Adobe Type Manager and Windows 3.0.
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Farquarson font for Adobe Type Manager and Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

About Farquharson Free

Farquharson Free is a PostScript Type 1 freeware sampler font consisting of
the alphabetical, numerical and main punctuation characters from two related
display fonts: Farquharson and Farquharson Stencil.

The Farquharson fonts are uppercase display fonts based on an old American
wood type, and work best at sizes of 18 points and above. As display faces,
they are unhinted. These PostScript fonts were originally created and used for
a humorous book called Charlie Farquharson's Unyverse (published by Macmillan
of Canada in the fall of 1990), hence their names. The Farquharson fonts are
not flashy, but they do have their amusing idiosyncracies. Although some
standardization of stroke weights was done for these PostScript fonts, there
remains some variation, as there was in the original on which they are based.

If you are using UNSIT to de-archive these files on a PC-compatible, use the "XB" option for extraction so that linefeeds will NOT be added to the PFB file. You should enter the following on your command line:


If UNSIT prompts you for extraction of the resource fork, just press your ENTER key to skip resource fork extraction. You require only the data forks. If you do extract resource forks (which should be empty), delete them from your drive.

The Farquharson (non-stencil) characters are accessible from the lowercase
keyboard. The Farquharson Stencil characters are accessible from the uppercase
keyboard. Six characters in both sets have small swashes on their stems. These
are the characters "A", "H", "K", "M", "N" and "R". Non-swash variations of
these characters in this Windows sample font are available on the following
Alt-key combinations (hold down the Alt key and enter the numbers on your
numeric keypad):

Farquharson A = Alt-0140
Farquharson Stencil A = Alt-0129

Farquharson H = Alt-0183
Farquharson Stencil H = Alt-0211

Farquharson K = Alt-0231
Farquharson Stencil H = Alt-0199

Farquharson M = Alt-0253
Farquharson Stencil M = Alt-0221

Farquharson N = Alt-0241
Farquharson Stencil N = Alt-0209

Farquharson R = Alt-0174
Farquharson Stencil R = Alt-0194

I assume you know how to install PostScript fonts in the Windows environment.
Check your Windows manual if you are uncertain. As the use of Adobe Type
Manager for Windows is increasing, only a 24-point bitmap is provided.

Full versions of both Farquharson and Farquharson Stencil, containing a
complete PostScript accented character set, and other symbols and odd
characters (such as an asterisk, an ampersand, a dollar sign, yen symbol, and
other arcania) are available. Pricing as of June 1991 is $20.00 for one font
or $30.00 for both. If you require a more extensive range of bitmaps, please
add $5.00 per font. Prices are Canadian and include any applicable taxes and
shipping. American and other international orders, please pay by money order
in Canadian funds.

Address orders to:

David Vereschagin
50 Alexander Street, Suite 1901
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4Y 1B6
telephone: 416-960-0606

Cheques and money orders should be made payable to "David Vereschagin".
Fonts will be shipped once payment is received. They can be delivered either
physically by mail or electronically via CompuServe or GEnie. Please indicate
which method you prefer and, if you want them uploaded to you via one of the
electronic services, provide your CIS PPN number or GEnie mail address. Fonts
uploaded via CompuServe or GEnie will be in StuffIt format unless you request
them unStuffed. Please indicate whether you desire fonts in Macintosh or
Windows format or both (no extra charge).

Comments, inquiries or suggestions on these fonts (or others which may be in
development) are welcome and may be directed either to the address or phone
number above, or to me at either my CompuServe address: 75645,1752, or my
GEnie address: VERESCHAG1.

Initial posting of this Windows font will be on CompuServe on the DTP Forum
and on GEnie on the Design to Print RoundTable. You may freely distribute this
font to others, provided you include this Read Me file. Posting of this font
on other services or bulletin boards, or any other form of commercial
distribution must first receive the explicit permission of its creator.

June 11, 1991

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