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Faktos Type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
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Faktos Type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
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Contents of the READ.ME! file


Designed with coal mines, steel mills and railroads in mind, Faktos is a
typeface reminiscent of the smokestack industries that epitomized progress
during the first half of the 20th century. Faktos is a high-quality original
design and is unavailable anywhere else. Over 1,400 kerning pairs are included
in the AMF file for those applications capable of accessing these files.

Faktos is being distributed in Macintosh Type 1 Postscript format as
SHAREWARE. You may keep Faktos for 10 days to try it out. Please do not
use Faktos commercially during this tryout period. If you decide keep or
use Faktos please send the designer (me) a check or money order for $20 in
US funds. Upon payment, you are granted a license to use Faktos on a single
printer; the copyright is retained by the designer.


Cory Maylett
5367 New Hampton Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84123

(801) 237-2125 (801) 262-5429

You are encouraged to freely distribute copies of Faktos. However, you may
distribute Faktos only in its original unaltered, compressed format and
only if this "Read Me First" file is included. This ensures that everyone
will get exactly the same copy. You may not sell copies of Faktos for profit.


Faktos has been designed with several alternate and extra characters not
normally found in a PostScript font. The alternates may be used in place of
the standard characters to achieve a slightly different look.

These additional characters occupy keystrokes usually held by other
characters. Some of these displaced characters have been moved to other
spots. However, it was necessary to bump a few lesser-used (at least by
most of us) characters, such as the pi, lozenge, not equal, etc., from
the font altogether. If you are an ancient Greek or one of those
math/science types who need these symbols, they're available in the
Adobe Symbol font and in many other fonts.

Listing these alternates and their positions would take too much space
here. However, the position of these characters can be determined by using
your Key Caps desk accessory. These alternates are one of the best features
of Faktos; don't neglect them.

Also, Faktos was designed to be used in display sizes (over 20 points or so).
The letters are spaced a little tighter than in most fonts to accommodate
this. Don't be surprised if the font doesn't look good when used in smaller
sizes; it wasn't designed to be used as a text face.


Install Faktos in your Macintosh just like any other Type 1 font.

System 6 users: Drag the Printer Font (the one that looks like a factory)
and the AFM file into your system folder. Use the Font/DA mover to install
the screen fonts (the suitcase file). Instructions on how to use the
Font/DA Mover are given in your Macintosh owner manuals. Restart your

System 7 users: Open your system folder and drag the printer font
(the one that looks like a factory) and the AFM file into it. Double click
on the suitcase file and drag its contents into the system file located in
your system folder. Restart your computer.

Cory M.

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