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This is a true-type font similar to that found on Enya's Watermark albumn.
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This is a true-type font similar to that found on Enya’s Watermark albumn.
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ABOUTENY.TXT 894 488 deflated
ENP_____.TTF 39644 24158 deflated

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Contents of the ABOUTENY.TXT file

This font is copyrighted 1991 by Mike Zillion. It was inspired by the
writing on the album Watermark by Enya. If you want to pass it around,
that's fine with me--as long as the font is unaltered and this note goes
along with all copies. No fee may be charged for any transfer method
involved in distributing this font, which is to say that it can't be sold
as part of another software package or compilation...well, unless I stand
to make a few bucks from it, in which case my written consent is needed.

This font is being distributed as Artware. If you like it, send me a
postcard telling me about other artists whose music fits in the same genre
with Enya's, if there are any. If you can recommend certain albums, so
much the better!

Mike Zillion
Box 160237
Cupertino, CA 95016


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