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DavysKeyCaps Type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
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DavysKeyCaps Type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
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Contents of the DAKC____.TXT file

DavysKeyCaps font.

DavysKeyCaps is a font of characters meant to reproduce the "look" of keys on the IBM and Macintosh extended keyboards. It is intended primarily to aid in software documentation.

To show any alphabetic key, press the uppercase letter of your choice. All the numeric and other shift keys (Such as $, shift-4) will also display the requisite keys.


The lowercase alphabetic characters in the font produce the following key images:

a - alt
b - return
c - caps lock
d - print screen
e - page up
f - ins
g - scroll lock
h - home
i - cursor up
j - cursor left
k - cursor down
l - cursor right
m - delete
n - backspace
o - option
p - pause
q - shift
r - page down
s - esc
t - tab
u - end
v - control
w - help
x - the Macintosh "command" key or four-leaf clover
y - del
z - apple


The following "option" keys on the Macintosh will produce the following key images.

(IBM PC users -- the ASCII code follows each description in parentheses.
In WinWord put on the NumLock, hold the Alt key and type the codes on the numeric keypad.)

opt-1 -- F1 (0193)
opt-2 -- F2 (0170)
opt-3 -- F3 (0163)
opt-4 -- F4 (0162)
opt-5 -- F5 (0176)
opt-6 -- F6 (0164)
opt-7 -- F7 (0166)
opt-8 -- F8 (0165)
opt-9 -- F9 (0187)
opt-zero -- F10 (0188)
opt-dash --F11 (0208)
opt-equal sign -- F12 (0173)
opt-[ -- F13 (0210)
opt-] -- F14 (0212)
opt-\ -- F15 (0199)
opt-d -- the nonfunctional delta key on Macintosh keyboards (0182)
opt-x -- delete in front of insertion point key (0197)
shift-option-zero - zero on the numeric keypad - wider than other keys (0226)
shift-option-e -- enter key (you should double the point size to make it match) (0228)
option-c -- clear (0141)
option-space -- spacebar (0202)
option-v -- NumLock (0195)


DavysKeyCaps is distributed free of charge for personal use. You may keep your copy of DavysKeyCaps as long as you want, and you may distribute it freely, providing all the files in this archive are included. If you use DavysKeyCaps in the documentation for a commercial product, i.e., for a product for which money is charged, there are two stipulations: you should acknowledge the font in the publication, and you should pay a licensing fee of only $10 made as a donation to Columbia University (make out a check to Columbia University and send to Cynthia Lemiesz, 703 Dodge Hall, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027 -- write "KeyCaps" on the check memo). User groups and shareware/public domain software outlets may distribute this font without my expressed permission, providing all the files associated with the font are included.

DavysKeyCaps is an altruism from Insect Bytes. You may treat it as such.

*Eileen's blatant plug for WOPR*

The Best and easiest way to locate and insert these special characters into your WinWord documents is to use Woody Leonhard's DINGER. It can be downloaded from MSAPP lib12 either by itself or as part of the fabulous WOPR.

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