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Cairo type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
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Cairo type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CAIRO.AFM 4145 1497 deflated
CAIRO.PFB 13091 12254 deflated
CAIRO.PFM 672 274 deflated
CAIRO.TXT 2751 1379 deflated
CAIRO.WFN 11392 6883 deflated

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Contents of the CAIRO.TXT file

Here's a font to expand your collection.

Cairo is a bold serif font for headlines that need to be more elegant or business-like. It's similar to Egyptian bold condensed.

This font was created in CorelDraw 2.0. I've been working in Corel since it started out as Corel Headline a few years back, and it's been the most consistently enjoyable business program I've worked with.


Hey, you're on your own. But if I ever hear of this font being used in porno movie credits, just don't use character 255, and I won't feel like I had anything to do with it. However, if you find some value and benefit with this font, please pay me with an "attaboy." Next time you're in your local drugstore, pick me up a 10-cent postcard with your city on it and send it to me--it was both fun and hard work making this font and it'd be fun to get that kind of feedback. Send your cards to:
Thomas E. Harvey
4214 Vasconia St.
Tampa, FL 33629


De rien. Nada. Zero. You got a free font from me--you want something more? Of course not...after all, you're not greedy are you? I do, however, assume full and absolute responsibility to fill the wall next to my computer with any and all postcards that you send me. Really--I PROMISE to do that.


If you've been working with ATM, .WFNs and .PFBs, you probably already have your own methodology for adding them in. My method is to make all the changes manually, so I know exactly what's done and that it is done. Here's a brief overview of I do:

Using the two enclosed fonts:

1. If you have Corel, copy CAIRO.WFN into the directory that has your other .WFNs. Edit the CORELDRW.INI under [CorelDrwFonts]:
Cairo=1 cairo.wfn 0 (You could call it "Egyptian=1 cairo.wfn 0")

2. Locate the directory that has all of your other .PFMs and copy these new .PFM files there. Locate your .PFBs and copy these new ones there.

3. In your Windows directory, edit ATM.INI under [Fonts]:

4. In your Windows directory, edit WIN.INI under [PostScript,LPT1] and/or anyplace else you find a complete listing of your fonts. You need to increment the listing by two entries, per the following example:
If your listing reads:
then change it to
Then go down to the listing reading
And add the following two lines

5. You must go from Windows to DOS and then back for the changes to take effect.

6. CorelDraw WFNBOSS also creates an .AFM and it's included in case you have a use for it.

October 1, 1991
Thomas E. Harvey
CIS 72327,1702

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