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Ballerina Engraved font for ATM and/or PageMaker.
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Ballerina Engraved font for ATM and/or PageMaker.
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BALLEENG.AFM 10714 3591 deflated
BALLEENG.PFB 23553 22639 deflated
BALLEENG.PFM 1474 1007 deflated
MSREAD.TXT 2998 1425 deflated

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Contents of the MSREAD.TXT file

About this font ...

FontBank publishes a library of 250 PostScript display typefaces for use with MS-DOS Windows 3.0. The enclosed font is from our library and is offered as a sample because people find it difficult to believe that you can get so many high quality fonts - 250 of them - for only $150.

As our customers throughout the world have discovered, FontBank PostScript typefaces offer excellent value. Display typefaces are intended for use as headlines, sub-heads and attention getting text elements in layouts and presentations - and the FontBank library is the largest and least expensive library of such faces.

All of our fonts conform to the Adobe Type 1 specification. We have tested them with MS-DOS Windows 3.0, Word for Windows, Ventura for Windows, CorelDraw 2.0 (including WFNBOSS) and Adobe TYpe Manger without a problem. (We cannot, of course, guaranty compatibility with any MS-DOS Windows application that fails to strictly adhere to the Microsoft Windows 3.0 specs.)

Use of the font ....

Feel free to use this font as you please.

But please don't include it in any collection of "public domain" or "shareware" software which is sold in normal trade. Specific written permission is required for such distribution. Feel free, though, to post it on your local bulletin board or include it in your user group library, provided that this file accompanies the font file!

Load the font in accordance with the instructions contained in your Windows 3.0, Adobe Type Manager, SuperPrint or other application manual. Please do not call us for help in installing this font in your applications! As noted above, we've tested our fonts in Windows 3.0 and Adobe Type Manger for Windows without encountering any problems.

ATM users should note that the WIN.INI file must be amended by hand so the font is properly addressed by the software. When Adobe Type Manager loads the font, it appends the device section of WIN.INI with the name of the font. For example:



You must amend this line to tell the system where to find the ".pfb" files, OTHERWISE THE FONTS WILL NOT PRINT! Here's what it should look like:



You must add " , : \ \ . pfb " to ensure correct printing of the font. (Sorry about that, but that's the way Adobe Type Manager works.)

For more information ...

To order the library or for a free catalog, you can reach us at:

FontBank, Inc.
2620 Central Street
Evanston IL 60201

708-328-7370 Voice708-328-7491 Fax
CompuServe: 75300,632America Online: FontBank
GEnie: FontBankAppleLink: FontBank

Entire contents copyright 1991 FontBank, Inc.

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