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Shareware Fonts for the Adobe Type Manager for Windows 3.0.
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Shareware Fonts for the Adobe Type Manager for Windows 3.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
README.1ST 1197 641 deflated
RSHEIDEL.DOC 1161 644 deflated
RSHEIDEL.PFB 24357 23484 deflated
RSHEIDEL.PFM 684 405 deflated
RSJACKSO.PFB 28773 27878 deflated
RSJACKSO.PFM 688 395 deflated
RSKATHLI.DOC 3510 1618 deflated
RSKATHLI.PFB 34262 33428 deflated
RSKATHLI.PFM 680 441 deflated
RSLASLON.PFB 24139 23266 deflated
RSLASLON.PFM 686 347 deflated
RSSLAINF.DOC 1377 752 deflated
RSSLAINF.PFB 12968 12060 deflated
RSSLAINF.PFM 680 305 deflated
RSSTYLE.DOC 3662 1781 deflated
RSSTYLE.PFB 12996 12100 deflated
RSSTYLE.PFM 674 322 deflated
RSTOULAU.DOC 3662 1781 deflated
RSTOULAU.PFB 21282 20348 deflated
RSTOULAU.PFM 694 351 deflated
RSTOYBLO.DOC 5542 2307 deflated
RSTOYBLO.PFB 27316 26416 deflated
RSTOYBLO.PFM 680 225 deflated

Download File ATMFONT3.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

The fonts in the accompanying files are a collection of shareware, freeware,
public domain, and unknown ATM (Adobe Type Manager) compatible fonts. Please
read the .DOC files associated with any particular font to see what the author
had in mind in terms of payment or compensation for their work (you may find
the "compensation" asked by students at Columbia University amusing).

The easiest way to install these fonts is to unzip them onto a floppy or
empty directory. Then, from Windows Program Manager, double click on the ATM
icon in the "Main" program group. Then click on the "Add font" button. Give
the drive and/or path in which the fonts reside. ATM will then be able to find
the fonts and will list them in a list box. Just select the ones you want to
install, press the "Add" button, and then exit ATM. You will then need to exit
and restart Windows for the changes to take effect. If you are using Word for
Windows, you must select the "Files" "Printer Setup..." menu item. When the
printer setup dialog box appears, just click on the "OK" button. WinWord will
then realize that the fonts exist and so let you select them for your documents.

That's it - enjoy.

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