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Adobe Type Manager fonts [1/7].
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Adobe Type Manager fonts [1/7].
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AACHEN.PFB 33956 31308 deflated
AACHEN.PFM 678 298 deflated
ANTIQUE.OTL 24211 15570 deflated
ANTIQUE.PFB 38063 35406 deflated
ANTIQUE.PFM 688 327 deflated
ARISTON.PFB 51027 48328 deflated
ARISTON.PFM 691 456 deflated
AVANTHIN.PFB 32994 30326 deflated
AVANTHIN.PFM 692 402 deflated
AVNTGARD.PFB 31498 28853 deflated
AVNTGARD.PFM 685 336 deflated
BAUHEAV.PFB 31349 28695 deflated
BAUHEAV.PFM 691 327 deflated
BAULITE.PFB 33264 30597 deflated
BAULITE.PFM 692 301 deflated
BAUTHIN.PFB 31141 28505 deflated
BAUTHIN.PFM 679 299 deflated
README.TXT 748 384 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Well, here are some nice Type 1 fonts for use with Adobe Type Manager.
I have heard that they will work with Superprint, but don't actually
know about that!

Just install with the Type Manager control panel. Don't worry about
the missing .AFM files....they install just fine!

If you have a PostScript printer, make the following change to your
win.ini file, so that the PostScript driver can find the .pfb file.

In the "softfonts" area you will see:

-> (#)= the font number in the list

change this to:

^must be a comma!

Now, just restart Windows!


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