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January 1989

A few years back, I created a bitmapped font using FONTASTIC, originally called Philo, and after some alterations, Fancy Chancery. It was unique mainly for its removal of dots where smooth curves would not be permitted, thus giving an overall appearance of gray. The font actually prints quite cleanly (particularly at 12 point) on the Imagewriter and was only a 24 pt. bitmap initially.

I am pleased to learn that the font has shown up in numerous places with several different names and variations, from Fluent Fonts of CasadyWare (Casady Greene) (with my permission) to bulletin boards here and there. Most recently I received from Doug Miles in Washington state a newly done bitmap in a heavier weight plus a postscript font executed by Marion Delahan in Oklahoma based upon the same font.

Coincidentally, I recently started redrawing the original Fancy Chancery on Fontographer for Laserwriter. When I received the Delahan version I decided on a complete redrawing and renaming of the postscript font. The result is MacHumaine.

There have been inquiries as to how I intend to distribute MacHumaine. I wish it to remain in the public domain to be used by anyone who wants to take the time to copy it. Additionally, the package contains the original Fontographer workfile as well as the AFM file so anyone who wishes to alter or improve it, may do so if they have Fontographer. The bitmaps are absolutely pure FONTOGRAPHER generated with no tweaking. For my own purposes this is satisfactory, however if you would like to see them cleaner, have at it with Fontastic. I would not be extremely happy to learn that MacHumaine is being sold, but I am not quite sure how that eventuality would be dealt with. Hopefully this Read Me, which accompanies the font, will make folks realize they need not buy it as it is available without charge. Anyone who wishes to use MacHumaine as a screen display in a commercial program or in conjunction with a commercial program has my permission to do so. Only outright sale of the font is discouraged.

Historically, the font MacHumaine, as its name is intended to imply, is based on calligraphic handwriting and is not too distant from Zapf Chancery Black. That font, drawn by Hermann Zapf, was not the model for MacHumaine, but Zapf also used chancery cursive handwriting as a the basis for his font. MacHumaine is a sort of pot pourri of calligraphic strokes and flourishes that, to my eye, seem to be pretty well integrated and, especially when italicized on the Mac, gives an appearance of italic handwriting. I do hope you enjoy it. Oddly, it prints quite well even at small sizes and is quite readable. Please do not use it ALL CAPS. Generally calligraphic styles do not lend themselves to this treatment and this one is no exception. Use key caps to check for a few added characters. Any comments or suggestions on the font are welcome.

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