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Postscript Type 1 Fonts (six).
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Postscript Type 1 Fonts (six).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
RSLOWEAS.DOC 670 406 deflated
RSLOWEAS.PFB 42319 41444 deflated
RSLOWEAS.PFM 690 329 deflated
RSLOWWES.DOC 1741 953 deflated
RSLOWWES.PFB 24403 23518 deflated
RSLOWWES.PFM 690 342 deflated
RSMACHUM.DOC 2977 1491 deflated
RSMACHUM.PFB 23832 22961 deflated
RSMACHUM.PFM 684 392 deflated
RSMANZAN.PFB 22474 21614 deflated
RSMANZAN.PFM 682 367 deflated
RSMIANIG.PFB 16614 15696 deflated
RSMIANIG.PFM 686 378 deflated
RSMOROMA.PFB 28461 27575 deflated
RSMOROMA.PFM 676 269 deflated

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Contents of the RSLOWEAS.DOC file

Lower East Side is a Type 1 PostScript font modeled on an Art Deco typeface called Astur. It looks like bold, 3-D brush strokes forming the characters with deep shadows it also tends to look like bent pieces of plywood with shadows. It is kerned, and ought to be used for display text only at sizes 72 points and larger.

Lower East Side joins Upper West Side and Upper East Side in this dude's New York City geographical fonts. There may be more to come, maybe not. Lower East Side is 1990 by David Rakowski, Alle Rechte Vorhalten. It is distributed free of charge without restrictions, except that all the files in this archive must be part of the package.

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