Dec 182017
Font for use with Windows 3.0 and ATM.
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Font for use with Windows 3.0 and ATM.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
UECHI.TXT 556 348 deflated
UEG_____.AFM 5229 1814 deflated
UEG_____.CFG 509 308 deflated
UEG_____.INF 543 291 deflated
UEG_____.PFB 46522 42366 deflated
UEG_____.PFM 995 552 deflated

Download File ATM-UECH.ZIP Here

Contents of the UECHI.TXT file

The UechiGothic font is a shareware font copyright 1992 by David Rakowski. All Rights Reserved. You may keep the UechiGothic font and distribute it freely. If you like or use the font, please make a tax-deductible donation of $3.02 to Columbia University; send your check to Cynthia Lemiesz, Music Department, 703 Dodge, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027. With your check, enclose a letter saying, "Dear Diary, The enclosed is what it appears to be. Get back to work." Your donation helps pay for performances of music written by Columbia students.

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