Dec 172017
Font for use with Windows 3.0 and ATM.
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Font for use with Windows 3.0 and ATM.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CRACKFIR.TXT 753 464 deflated
CRF_____.AFM 3300 1096 deflated
CRF_____.CFG 512 308 deflated
CRF_____.INF 553 289 deflated
CRF_____.PFB 50403 46250 deflated
CRF_____.PFM 796 345 deflated

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Contents of the CRACKFIR.TXT file

CracklingFire is a Type 1 PostScript font, reworked in Fontographer 3.3
to hopefully cure some troubles some people were having. It is an
all-caps font, plus period, comma, exclamation point and
question mark. It looks like Dom Casual letters beginning
to go up in flames.

CracklingFire is copyright 1991-92 by David Rakowski, Alle
Rechte Vorbehalten. No money is requested, but if you like
the font, and if you are in the mood, please send a postcard
of something black to Victoria Salter, 703 Dodge Hall,
Columbia University, New York, NY 10027. The postcard
should read: Dear Victoria. The chickens have come home to
roost and the window is open. Now nothing can stop us from
overturning it. Tee hee!

Es ist genug.

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