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ATM type 1 font.
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ATM type 1 font.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ATHLETIC.PFB 7433 6647 deflated
ATHLETIC.PFM 1014 630 deflated
ATHLETIC.WFN 6173 2878 deflated
READATH.TXT 1637 913 deflated

Download File ATM-ATHL.ZIP Here

Contents of the READATH.TXT file

Athletic is a font I developed based on the full block athletic look, used
by most schools and colleges on athletic sportswear. It contains all the
upper case letters with most of the standard symbols.

Included in the archive are the following files:
I finally decided to finish this font so others could use it and will
continue to release others I have created for my work. This is the
fthird font released out of the ten I have personally done for use in
my silk screen artwork. Blades was uploaded in October, 1991, Tabatha
in November, 1991 and now Athletic.

If you use and enjoy this font I would appreciate you sending $5.00
to me to help me convince my wife that it is worthwhile to stay up til
2:30 in the morning working on these fonts. Keep looking for new
releases during these cold winter months in Iowa.. Thanks

Philip Schilling
202 Grand Ave.
Spencer, Iowa 51301

To install the font in ATM:
Start ATM and "add" then point ATM at the .PFB file. ATM will
then install the font.

To install the font in CorelDRAW:
Add this line in coreldrw.ini under the fonts area
Athletic=1 athletic.wfn
and copy the wfn file into your corel directory.

I would consider doing custom fonts and custom wallpaper for anyone
interested. Check out in the WINNEW - BMP/RLE FORUM on

Payment of the $5.00 will grant you a license to use this font but
the copywrite will be retained by me. You may freely distribute the
archive in it's entirety only.

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