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Ann-Stone type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
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Ann-Stone type 1 PS font for Adobe Type Manager.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANS.AFM 1688 679 deflated
ANS.CFG 482 302 deflated
ANS.INF 499 284 deflated
ANS.PFB 43273 39123 deflated
ANS.PFM 736 228 deflated
ANS.TXT 1485 758 deflated

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Contents of the ANS.TXT file

Ann-Stone is a drop caps woodcut font from the late nineteenth century. Germany, to be exact. Each letter is black, surrounded by a box drawn in thin lines and curvy, curtain-like, stained glass patterns filling in the space. The Ann-Stone font is copyright 1991 by David Rakowski, all rights reserved, alle rechte vorbehalten, tous droites reserves.

All 26 alphabetic characters are available in this font, although I and J are identical. Also, an alternative T character will be found in the lower-case T slot.

You may use the Ann-Stone font at no charge. You may also give copies to your friends, providing all the files in this archive, this one included, are included. User groups and sellers of disks of public domain and shareware software may distribute the Ann-Stone font without charge, providing it is on a disk with the Jeff-Nichols font, another font of mine available on GEnie and other online services. Ann Stone is the spouse of Jeff Nichols, and by the symmetrical property of spousitudeness, Jeff Nichols is also the spouse of Ann Stone. Also, they're married. No exceptions will be made to this mandate.

The Ann-Stone font comes to you from Bug-Bytes, a place where we leave our doors unlocked at night, where we walk on the lake in February and where even the Federal Express driver says, "Geez you guys live WAY out here."

Note that spousitudeness is not reflexive, by the way. Jeff Nichols is not his own spouse, and this is a major inconvenience at tax time.

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