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Adobe Type 1 font for ATM and Windows 3.0.
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Adobe Type 1 font for ATM and Windows 3.0.
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AARCO1.AFM 2925 1123 deflated
AARCO1.PFB 18171 14011 deflated
AARCO1.PFM 634 316 deflated
AARCO1.TXT 1092 654 deflated

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Contents of the AARCO1.TXT file

Aarcover is an all caps Type 1 PostScript font, plus numbers and punctuation, whose characters "look like" static electricity or limp lightning. It was done at the request of a group called, oddly enough, AARCOVER.

This font was made on a Mac and converted with Wrefont for use with ATM/PC. No warranty is expressed or implied as to its working as expected. No warranty is made as to its functionality when ported to any platform other than Apple Macintoshes.

Aarcover is shareware, with the following terms: if you use or keep it you must do one of the following: send a check that will not bounce in the amount of $12,341,709.12 to Cynthia Lemiesz at the Columbia University Music Department, 703 Dodge Hall, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027; send a crisp one dollar bill to the same address, along with a blurred photograph; or bow on your knees every day for twelve days and face Spencer, Massachusetts, repeating the mantra, "I like jam! I don't understand!" for 18 minutes.

Aarcover is 1991 by David Rakowski, who holds onto Insect Bytes until they stop itching.

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