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| |
| This is a MAINTENANCE RELEASE of The Wall Street Tracker, Version 7.1. |
| If you registered Version 7.0, just "plug in" or copy the WALLSTRT.EXE, |
| WSTDOC.EXE, and WSTINST.EXE programs into your current Wall Street |
| Tracker directory (C:\WALLSTRT). After that, run The Wall Street Tracker |
| as you have in the past. Thanks again for your registration. |
| |
| |
| |
| If you use The Graph Tracker, Version 2.5, and you upgrade to Version 7.1 |
| of The Wall Street Tracker, you will need to download The Tracker |
| Utilities to get The NEW Graph Tracker, Version 2.6. The Graphs written |
| to disk with Version 7.1 of The Wall Street Tracker will not be compatible |
| with The OLD Graph Tracker, Version 2.5. |
| |


If you use Windows, and decide to run The Tracker Programs from inside the
Windows Program Manager, then consult the Windows documentation on how to
install the PIF and ICO files needed for Windows 3.0. If you use Windows
3.1, install the TRACKER.GRP file. These Window support files are supplied
with the program. Please try the entire Tracker Family of Programs.

The data sets, for The Tracker Programs, can be automatically updated with
The Quote Tracker. It will convert quotes downloaded from Prodigy, CompuServe,
America Online, TC2000, and is Stock-Watch, Pro-Util, PDL, and PTT compatible.
If you download ASCII formatted (readable) stock / fund quotes, from a source
we don't support, we can write a Custom Version of The Quote Tracker for you.
The Quote Tracker is easy to use, the computer does all the work. It's that
simple! If you want to save valuable time updating your data, then read the
QUOTRACK.KIT file found on your disk. The QUOTRACK.KIT file may be viewed
or printed with any text editor or word processor.

Now, any historical stock, fund, or index data in a DATE,HIGH,LOW,CLOSE,VOL
type format can be imported into The Wall Street Tracker or The Mutual Fund
Tracker. Currently we support historical quotes gotten from: FNN, Prodigy,
and TC2000. If your historical data supplier provides data in a different
format, contact us so that we can develop a Historical Data Importer to work
with their data format.

FNN is a supplier of historical data in these formats and you can contact
them by calling (212) 838-6324 [Voice] or (212) 752-8660 [Modem]. Many users
have said that FNN is the most economical supplier of historical data that they
had found. If your historical data file contains something different, or if
you need further help, please contact Keith at (512) 858-5206 so that we can
customize the program for you.

To get started, insert The Tracker disk into your floppy drive. If you are
using Windows, MS-DOS Shell, or another type of menu system, then consult its
documentation on how to INSTALL OTHER PROGRAMS, or on how to DROP, SHELL, EXIT,
or GO TO DOS. At the DOS prompt, change to the floppy drive that contains the
disk. For example, type at the DOS prompt: A: and press [ENTER] to change to
drive A:\. If you have a printer, please turn it on now so that you can print
some important information. If you have The Wall Street Tracker disk in your
floppy drive, type at the DOS prompt: PRINTWST and press [ENTER]. If you
have The Mutual Fund Tracker disk inserted, type: PRINTMFT and press [ENTER].

The documentation for each program is found in an executable program. If
you have The Wall Street Tracker disk, in your floppy drive, type at the DOS
prompt: WSTDOC and press [ENTER]. This command allows you to read or print
The Wall Street Tracker documentation. If you have The Mutual Fund Tracker
disk, in your floppy drive, type at the DOS prompt: MFTDOC and press [ENTER].
The documentation explains in detail each function of the program and its use.
We strongly recommend you review it before installing the software. Also
remember, both programs use the same user interface. As you learn how to use
one, you learn to use both.

After you have reviewed the documentation, you will need to install the
software onto your computer. To do this type: WSTINST for The Wall Street
Tracker, or MFTINST for The Mutual Fund Tracker, and press [ENTER]. You will
be asked a few questions and prompted to enter information that will allow the
software to preform its best on your computer.

Get The Tracker Utilities too! There is a file on The Tracker Utilities
disk named READ.ME. Please read this file before doing anything else with
The Tracker Utilities. The READ.ME file may be viewed or printed with any
text editor or word processor.

After you have reviewed the READ.ME file, please look for the GRAPH.EXE
archive found on the disk. It contains The Graph Tracker. To unarchive The
Graph Tracker program, type at the DOS prompt: GRAPH and press [ENTER]. This
will unarchive a few files onto your disk. The Graph Tracker documentation is
in the GRAPHDOC.EXE program. We strongly recommend you review it before
installing the software.

PLEASE NOTE: You may need to copy the GRAPH.EXE archive onto a blank
diskette. There may not be enough free space on the distribution diskette
to unarchive it. This may also be true of other Tracker Utilities.

Please feel free to upload, copy, or give these unregistered programs to
anyone. If you have any problems, or if we can be of any help, please let us
know. Our phone number is (512) 858-5206.




Read or Print the FOLLOWED.STK file for a complete list of all stocks
tracked and available in the up-to-date data files. The up-to-date data files
are available for download, by subscription, on Keith's Little Software Shop.

The Wall Street Tracker documentation is in a hyper-text type executable
file. To read or print the documentation, type: WSTDOC at the DOS prompt
and press [ENTER]. We recommend that you print and read the documentation.

Read the file named THEFACTS.TXT. It includes some interesting facts about
The Tracker Programs. If you use Prodigy, CompuServe, America Online, TC2000,

or Stock-Watch, Pro-Util, PTT, or PDL read the QUOTRACK.KIT file. They may
be printed or read with any word processor or text editor.

= =
= The Wall Street Tracker and The Mutual Fund Tracker =
= are available on Bulletin Boards across North America =
= =
= See the LOCATION.BBS file on your disk for a BBS near you =
= =

FILENAME: WALLST71.EXE The Wall Street Tracker, Version 7.1

FILENAME: MFTRAC36.EXE The Mutual Fund Tracker, Version 3.6

FILENAME: TRACUTIL.EXE The Tracker Utilities Disk.

The EXE archives, listed above, are self-extracting and you need no other
software to unarchive the program.

The latest version of each Tracker Program can always be found on Keith's
Little Software Shop in Austin, Texas. The BBS has two nodes and the phone
numbers are 512-858-7564 [V.32bis] or 512-894-0383 [USRobotics HST]. The
files listed above are FREE for the downloading and may be downloaded without

The bulletin boards listed in the LOCATION.BBS file have also received the
latest versions, as listed above, but with the ZIP extension. They all support
baud rates up to 9600 baud using a USRobotics HST.

The latest versions can also be found on America Online with the file names,
WALLST71.ZIP and MFTRAC36.ZIP. Call Keith's Little Software Shop to get The
Tracker Utilities.

The latest versions are also on Compuserve, in the Investors Forum, and
ZiffNet. The file names on these services are, WALLST.ZIP and MFTRAC.ZIP.
Call Keith's Little Software Shop to get The Tracker Utilities.

If you need technical support, you may call us voice at (512) 858-5206
between 8am and 6pm CST.

You may write to us at: The Tracker Programs
P.O. Box 33280, Suite 195
Austin, Texas 78764-0280

You may leave E-Mail to us on these services:

* Prodigy, addressed to ID: HFNT20A or WATK00B

* CompuServe, addressed to ID: 70412,2701

* America Online, addressed to ID: WATKINS

+ National VideoTex, addressed to ID: DWATKINS

* Keith's Little Software Shop, addressed to: SYSOP

* We check these services for messages daily.
+ We check these services for messages weekly.


Address InterNet mail to: [email protected]

You can send InterNet mail to us from CompuServe, America Online, MCI Mail,
GEnie, DELPHI, and other systems that carry InterNet mail. Sending mail to us,
via the InterNet, will assure you a quicker reply.

If you have access to FidoNet Netmail, you may send messages addressed to:
Keith Watkins at node 1:382/401. Responses, via Netmail, take about a day.