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Money Smith Vendor Information
Shareware Review
(c) 1991 Bradley Smith

This file contains sample short and long reviews
for the Money Smith program to be used by vendors
and shareware distributors. Distribution rules
are included.

It may be reproduced in whole or part as part
of a shareware catalog, compendium of shareware
reviews, or the like for the purpose of
distributing Money Smith. Any partial extracts
must not be credited to the author.

DISTRIBUTION RULES (from the license)

General: Any not-for-profit distribution of the
shareware version is fine as long as you include
the full documentation, executables, and examples.
Some 'for profit' distributions require formal
written consent as described below.

"A limited license is granted to copy and distribute the
unregistered shareware version of Money Smith subject
to the conditions in the license and the following:

1) No fee, charge or compensation may be accepted for
distribution of Money Smith except:
A) Time related usage fees for electronic bulletin
boards not directly related to the downloading
of this program.
B) Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP)
member distributors may charge a nominal fee of
no more than $5 to distribute this shareware
C) Others wishing to charge a fee not provided for
above can do so only with the express written
consent of Money Smith Systems or Bradley J. Smith.

2) No one may modify Money Smith files, documentation,
or executables in any way, including reverse
engineering the program.

3) The full machine readable documentation, help files,
executable, and examples must be included with each

The registered version of Money Smith may not be copied or
distributed in any way except through an express written
agreement with Money Smith Systems. Companies wishing to
distribute a registered version may write.


Money Smith for Windows is a full featured home and
small business accounting system for Windows 3.0. Money
Smith includes many powerful features like automated
transactions, double entry accounting, investment
tracking, and dynamic graphs and reports. The unique
press and point help, a toolbar, and status bar make
it a snap to use. Definable accounts and an arbitrary
date system let you decide what to look at and when.
Frustrated with limited home checkbook programs full
of accounting jargon? Try Money Smith - its a breath
of fresh air for the common user. Package includes
excellent documentation, online indexed help, samples
for home and business use, and a windows based setup
program. Simply the best!

Windows 3.0 running in standard or enhanced mode
and a mouse are required.

-> Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) Member


Money Smith is a full featured home and small business
accounting package for Windows 3.0

Money Smith exploits the windows environment to make
a great home finance tool. Unique press and point help
lets you push on the tool or menu command you need help
on and instantly brings up that topic. A toolbar has
all of the common functions across the top - letting
you instantly view and change account balances and
transactions. The 'what you see is what you get' graphs
and reports can be shown side by side with your accounts.
The graphs and reports even update as you change your
accounts and balances automatically. The new
multi-document interface makes Money Smith both flexible
and easy to use.

Money Smith uses a powerful double entry accounting
system to track all of your income, expenses, assets,
etc.. - without the traditional complexity of other
accounting systems. You define what to track - up
to 200 accounts are supported. Sample files make
setting up your accounts a snap - just put your own

starting balances in and you're ready to go. Multiple
views let you look at all your account balances or
zero in on any selected account to see just what's
happening. As always - accounts are recomputed while
you view them so there's no guessing involved.

The transaction system is simplicity itself. Just
enter the date, any description you want, the amount,
and select the to and from accounts from lists of
accounts. Need a new account - just type the name
in and Money Smith will add it on the fly. Do you
have any regular bills or transactions? Just press
the 'Recurring' button to make any transaction into
an automatic one - and you specify how often it runs
and whether Money Smith should bother you with it
or just do it!

Once you have entered some data Money Smith gives
you plenty of ways to look at it. A full suite of
standard financial reports and color graphs are
included. All of the reports and graphs are
dynamic. They actually change while you watch when
you're entering new data.

Advanced features like investment tracking,
password protection, defineable account groups
(called categories) and end of year processing
round out Money Smith's features. These cater
to the more advanced user who wants a bit more
from their financial program.

Naturally Money Smith is archived with complete
documentation (both online and printable), order
forms, examples, and a windows setup program to
install it on your hard disk. The shareware
version is not crippled at all - full functionality
is enabled.

Registration provides you with a registered
disk (free of shareware intro dialogs), 90 days
of support, and if you register before Dec 31,
1992 you get a coupon for a free upgrade to
the next version. The author is a member of the
Association of Shareware Professionals and
conforms to their standards of user support.

Requires: IBM Compatible 286 or 386 running
Windows 3.0 in extended or standard mode. A
mouse is also required.

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